Rumour: GTA IV Box leaked ( Update 1 - confirmed fake )

A photo of the GTA IV-box appeared on the Internet... it seems kinda realistisch. There's a helicopter in the high left corner, a female in the middle etc, which all also appeared on previously boxarts of GTA.


As pointed out by Azurite, the Box art is fake

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kingboy5717d ago

i can`t wait to get my hands on this bad boy aahhhh!!

THAMMER15717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

And I'm on it too BRO. I can not wait unill Oct. 2007.

Jakens5717d ago

I just want some official media to hold me over.

Geohound5717d ago

I Cannot Wait for this game...

Syko5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

To bad this game must have Blu-Ray. I really wanted to play it on my 360 but my stupid DL-DVD can't hold it......

Edit: I have just been informed that it will be coming to 360 with DL content wow!! I cant wait for this game!

Sorry bout the smart ass comment but DJ, Kingboy and the rest. Givin' your lack of games and how desperate PS3 owners will be by that time who do you think will sell more copy's in the first week? I'm putting my money on the 360 how bout you?

Plus is that box art not tired? Come on the picture on the PS1 original version kicked ass. It is time for a change on that blocked out art! I really hope this is fake and they do something original with the boxart. But in fairness if that is the real deal it looks better with the clear plastic, Over the Lime green plastic!

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The story is too old to be commented.