ArcheWorld, First MMORPG to Use NFT

The creators of the popular MMORPG ArcheAge are at it again, this time with what XL Games is claiming is the world's first seamless mmo to feature use of NFTs, ArcheWorld. This is exciting news for both the mmo gaming community and cryptocurrency communities alike; could this be a match made in heaven for gamers or just another way for developers to drain our pockets further?

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LordoftheCritics289d ago

This is how they fix a dying game?

Phoenix76289d ago

Archeworld, popular?? This is the first time I've ever heard of it

Profchaos289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Star citizen watch as we scam and milk our player base dry nft crypto guys hold my skinny frapachinu hemp latte .

Hikoran289d ago

Archeworld - First MMORPG to shut down within days due to backlash.