How will Skate 4 compete with Skater XL and Session?

Skate 4 Alpha gameplay has leaked but in an era where the skateboarding genre has returned with new tricks, can a new Skate game compete with its rivals?

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TravsVoid337d ago

I don't remember which of these two games it was but it seemed more like a tech demo compared to what the Skate series usually has content wise. I see the skate series having wider audience potential.

Yi-Long336d ago

I think if you just nail the gameplay aspect so it’s always just fun to skate around, do flips, tricks, getting in a flow, and you build gorgeous fun cities to skate in, it will always be a success. Just fill that world with lots of variety in its areas, lots of stuff/missions to do, and make you feel part of it, and you could simply focus on new locations every year.

Will Skate 4 be a success!? I don’t know. It’s EA. What we want from a game and what they’ll give you are often worlds apart.

Hikoran336d ago

The only thing other skating games have shown me is that it can't just be about skating and that's it, it needs to have some sort of story or objective etc. Like Skate does.

sourOG336d ago

If done right it won’t even be close.

adaminoregon336d ago

Its not going to be an issue because neither of those games is even close to as good as skate is.

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