Crysis coming to the PS3?

After telling the world that next generation consoles were too weak to handle Crysis, it seems Crytek might be releasing one of its most anticipated games not only for the PC but also for the PS3. In an article posted by Games Radar titled, Crysis PS3 first look, a brief description of Crysis and its components is given-"You are tasked with saving the world from aggressive extra-terrestrials, who've ploughed a pretty big asteroid into a Pacific island's countryside." Then, in an effort to confirm our speculations, Game Radar goes on to say, "You'll be astounded by the game - it's jaw-dropping."
Although Crytek mentioned more than once that the current consoles would not be able to handle Crysis, it does not make sense of the fact that at one point, they were looking for ps3 programmers. On their website, Crytek states the responsibilities of the said job.

• Development of a Next-Generation Game Framework based on CryEngine 2.0.
• Work on various aspects of porting to PS3 and creating solutions to get the utmost out of the PS3

If the rumor of Crysis on the PS3 is in fact confirmed and the PS3 is able to run this game near perfection, the demarcation between the strength of the PC and next generation consoles will weaken and the limitations of consoles might for a time, be forgotten.

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kingboy4268d ago

well,lets just hope we get a word pretty soon from crytek clearing things up

techie4268d ago

If it goes to the ps3 it will go to the xbox. Cause its clearly easier to port to the xbox, and so they will need guys to work on the ps3 version more. Also it would make sense for a port to happen - because yes the consoles may not be able to handle an optimised version of crisis - but then there aren't many computers out there that can, and so you can reduce the visuals slightly to handle it. I'd expect the same for consoles.

THAMMER14268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Calling you a tool was wrong. I just get to going some times. But I have this think about the truth and brand loyalty I just can not take the inflated crap that flies around the internet and the people who know the truth but support the lies for objective purposes and I mistook you for one of those people. MY BAD BUDDY.

And yes CRISIS can be scaled back for consoles. Crytec is smart they will double profits if they port this to PS3 and 360. Good Times

Juevani4268d ago

who said anything about the xbox?? if this article or this rumor was about the xbox the title would've been ''Crysis Coming to the 360'' but its not so shut it.. nex-gen consoles cant handle this game it was confirmed, but PS3 is not nex-gen its best-gen, something for its own and once devs start really puttin affort into the games made for PS3 u'll see the difirence ;)

THAMMER14268d ago

.............................. ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... .................

PS3alltheway4268d ago

what xbox? no way bro xbox is Dead Ps2 onwed xbox n xbox 360
u mean xbox 360 right??? fawking s2pid get ur facts straight

techie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Holy Moly. Dude come on - I doubt that they'd only make it for pc and ps3...and I'm sure the 360 can handle it as it seems to be handling everything just as well, if not better at this moment in time, than the ps3 - the hole story is a rumour only led by a post for people to develop on the ps3. My reasoning is that there is a great need for specialist who know the ps3 architecture, whereas the 360 is pretty simple to port from pc, so they dont need to pay outside developers....pretty sound non?

ANd Thammer thanks...but don't act so innocent - you do like to hold 360 up as some kind of second coming.

techie4268d ago

lol of course I'm talking about the 360. It's still an xbox, hence 'xbox' being in 'xbox360' - its just me being lazy. I shall call it 360 from now on so you dooshes don't think I'm talking about an impossibility of crysis coming to the xbox1 lol you guys crack me up

THAMMER14268d ago

I'm just trying to be cool with you. So your going to kick it back in my face huh. The 360 is sweet but nothing is perfect. And you should just take my apology in stride. You kinda pissed me off again. But I let it slide...this time.

techie4268d ago

Calm down. I just couldn't help but notice that you were shouting at anyone who said anything good about the ps3 - using up all your bubble so quickly in your mission. There's too much bashing on this site, it reminds me of some kind of Dystopian future where two technologies have caused humans to become crazy and rude, consuming their lives...

Back to Crysis. Perhaps it could be just as good on the ps3. Reading about the new Havok 4.5, where it was said that Havok 4 made the ps3 just behind a three core PC, but Havok 4.5 was designed to especially make use of the ps3's SPU's, and is said to be twice as powerful as Havok 4...So who knows, perhaps it could be just as good (I know this engine isn't Havok, but if one engine can do it, then I'm sure another can.)

Though there may be a memory limitation on the ps3. But then again, after seeing 128mb of flash memory after someone had opened it up, it seems the ps3 has gained back 100mb of memory that is meant to be wasting on its OS...I digress

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grifter0244268d ago

cool... Cant wait hopefully they can make the game optimized on next gen systems .. or "Best Gen" system's haha funny.. Wat is that picture on juvenai's avatar ive been going crazy trying to figure it out... Maybe it's a person getting made cause he wasted money on a certain console??? LOL

BIadestarX4268d ago

Actually I think is confirmed that people will be able to play this game over on their XP based computers. Meaning that they will be able to run the game using DirectX 9. Ofcourse the graphics will not look good as good as if they are running a DirectX 10 compatible GPU on Vista. I think the same can be said about this game if made for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, there is no such thing as not being able to run on consoles. Ofcourse it will not look as good as the PC but I'm sure developers can downgrade the game to be able to execute on consoles. Besides we are talking about EA which means this game will most likely be ported to every they can. If this game would be a 1st party than it would be a different story.

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