Moore Talks PS3 Controller

In the final part of the 'Edge talks to hardware bosses' series we hear from Xbox chief Peter Moore on Sony's controller and the prevalence of shooters on Xbox 360...

Edge: So, first question: when are you announcing your motion sensitive controller?

Peter Moore: [Chuckles] I thought we had one in the cupboard... Y'know, we used to have one a long time ago. It will be interesting to see if it's a fundamental part of the ship. I've just been over at Sega playing Sonic and Super Monkey Ball, and it's actually a lot of fun, but the Sony one I don't quite get.

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kingboy6548d ago

this guy dreams and talks nothing but ps3.Dude focus on your own strategy..that`s the 360.

Gh0stDrag0n6548d ago

Obviously, you did not read the article.

THAMMER16548d ago

He can only see this as hate for Sony because he is entangled emotionally to them. Its almost like seeing a friend cry over a loosing his crush who dose not even know his name.

Gh0stDrag0n6548d ago

I get it, finally it all makes sense! Sony's "Emotion engine" in the PS2 has brainwashed millions! Turning them into mindless fanboys.

kingboy6548d ago

i`m summing up all his passed articles and the majority of them has something to smash sony.

Gh0stDrag0n6548d ago

And why not smash your competition? Sony is also trashing the 360. Most of the articles I have seen are interviews with Peter Moore, he is always being asked about the PS3. Being a professional, he can not come out and say "I could give a $h1t less about the PS3, I hope it pushes Sony into bankruptcy so we can buy them."

USMChardcharger6548d ago

that's right. he can't control the questions that he is asked.
and bud, sony has done nothing but trash talk the 360 since and before its launch.
if anything the M$ staff has shown great control in replies regarding Nin. and Sony.
and he's right...i don't think you read the article.

6548d ago
achira6548d ago

thammer1 you are the right one saying that. whats with you, you are the one eating sh!t from this busturds.

THAMMER16548d ago (Edited 6548d ago )

lol ha ha ha lol. Did I offend you? lol

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OutLaw6548d ago

The article only brought up about Sony controller once. The rest of the interview was about shooters on the 360 and the Arcade, thats it. So Sony fans calm down a little and read the article .

THAMMER16548d ago

That is why this is so funny look at all the people who invested so much into Sony emotionally and at the same time slaming the Xbox are now over sensitive.

Fuzz McDeath6548d ago

...this is the closest they can get to news about their favorite console :). Not alot of PS3 news out there to keep them occupied, except editorials about how its not worth the money and rumors that its specs are being downgraded again.

Oh yeah, they keep posting the same MGS4 trailer over and over again in different resolutions :)

Now, lets wait for it....go on fanbois, gimme the good old "yeah, well, your xbox1.5 overheated and burned down your house" - the official "I know you are but what am I" argument of the console wars :)

For the record, I am not really a 360 fanboy, just can't stand the sh1t these two PS3 fangirls are spewing...

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