Cult Classic El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Coming to Nintendo Switch

Takeyasu Sawaki himself appeared in a video to announce that he's working on a Nintendo Switch port of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

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isarai406d ago

Can we get a ps5/xsx version? It's hell trying to find a copy of this game without breaking the bank

Outlawzz406d ago

It's on steam, and ebay copys are pretty cheap tbh ps3 and 360.

I think for those consoles they would need to see more demand, i would be surprised to see it ported on there. It's not a well known game.

isarai406d ago

It's like $50 complete for a ps3 copy, not cheap to me

Outlawzz406d ago

Hmm yea I see your point on ps3. I had done a general search and saw xbox copies and ps3 copies for cheap, noticed their mostly japanese copies, bummer.

darthv72406d ago

I have this on 360, pretty cool game. sucks it was not bc but its nice that it is getting a switch version.

DarXyde406d ago

I just looked up the prices. Good grief... I have it on PS3, but having it on the go sounds cool.

azedean406d ago

Awesome, it is an outstanding game !!!

pietro1212406d ago

Sweet, I was hoping it’ll get another console release

CrimsonWing69406d ago

Honestly, this game is pure art. Haven't quite experienced a game that's as varied and elegant with the art direction as this game was.