10 Things We Hope To See in the New Saints Row

With a few months to go now is the perfect time to talk about the top 10 things we’d like to see from the new Saints Row game.

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sourOG408d ago

I just want it to be fun. It looks goofy, highly customizable and the shooting looks fine. The only thing that worries me is the zoomer vibe they were going for. Some dorks in skinny jeans taking over ganglands to fix climate change.

At least Gat and crew had b-movie cheese. I just hope they don’t distance themselves too far from the ridiculous cheese and take themselves too seriously with a zoomer doomer PSA.

gamer7804408d ago

That’s a huge worry though they’ve changed the whole feel of the game if it didn’t have the name I would not know this is a saints row game. Looks like they played towards the mainstream journos crowd and it looks far less fun. As many have said they look and act like they are college kids with a part time job at Starbucks…

sourOG408d ago

For some maybe. They are dorks but if the game is making fun of the dorks I’d be okay with it. If it’s a game that takes itself and mainstream journos seriously it will be a disaster lol. It has potential to be a fun game, I won’t count it out because of the dorks yet. It will either be fun or the last saints row game I buy lol.

isarai408d ago

I dunno, honestly it looks like it's trying to hit exactly where i wanted. Somewhere between 2 and 3. And after the very satisfying mechanics in Agents of Mayhem, i think it has a lot going in its favor. I'm getting it, it may not end up blowing me away, but at the very least i'm positive it'll fill that fun "turn off bran and have fun for dozens or hundreds of hours" type game i usually play between big releases

lucian229408d ago

that they get rid of all the hipster sjw characters