Yosuke Matsuda Says Japanese Developers Shouldn't Imitate Western Titles

President of SQUARE ENIX, Yosuke Matsuda, thinks that imitating Western developers isn't a good idea to make exceptional Japanese titles.

-Foxtrot828d ago

He says that but I'm pretty sure newer FF titles have been getting influenced by Western titles.

I mean hell they removed turn based while games like Persona 5 and Like a Dragon showed it can still be done and interesting.

porkChop827d ago

I still haven't played P5 even though someone gave it to me for my birthday years ago. I loved Like a Dragon though. That right there is proof that turn-based JRPGs are still awesome.

BrainSyphoned827d ago

I didn't touch P5 for a year after release for some reason even though I bought it day one. Then I 100% both it and P5R beating the game 5 times (500+ hours) and doing a full watch of Cohh Carnage on twitch. Monster Hunter World and Stardew Valley are the only games that come close to it time wise and is pretty much my favorite game of all time. Just find 120 hours....and give it a chance!

Godmars290827d ago

For those of us who don't want to pay $1000 for one, have pretty much given up, thanks for rubbing it in...

DogJosha827d ago

@Godmars290 They are saying Persona 5 not PS5.... Also follow the Twitter accounts that track releases, and stores are starting to get them in now too.

Visceral89827d ago

@Godmars290 Its been almost a year and a half. If you really wanted a PS5, you would have gotten one by now

jznrpg825d ago

@Godmars20 PlaystationDirect has them today sometime . I have got friends PS5’s and I don’t track everyday . I setup some alerts when someone wants one and I go and buy it . If you have accounts setup at Target , Walmart, Bestbuy, Amazon and PlayStation it’s quick if you get there on time . I got my nephew one last month . It’s not the hardest thing to do , get notifications from Twitter etc and go hit the store sites until you get one . Also PS5 is going for around 700$ on resale sites but a little bit of work you can avoid that . I got mine at launch but have helped many others get them over the last year and I wasn’t actively looking everyday , just when someone wanted one I kept my eye out and sometimes they got it themselves after telling them what I do . It’s not that hard

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Godmars290827d ago

Imagine what they could have done with FF as turn based isometric styled title, versus the ever more cinematic efforts they tried.

Cackocacho827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Turn-based RPGs will always be awesome. Only narrow minded drones jump on the wagon against them. Play types don't go out of style with time, otherwise, nobody would be playing checkers, chess, backgammon, or heck, even visual novels which are basically text adventures.

Turn-based RPGs are still my favourite of all, and always will be, when it comes to genuine RPGs.

Thankfully for me at least, I couldn't care less about anything Final Fantasy since 13, or SE for that matter. I do still keep an eye on their third party and outsourced games, like Octopath, Triangle, and even Nier Automata.

SE is incapable of making good games anymore, and worse yet, they politically load them, to the verge of nearly bursting with "the message".

AceRimmer302827d ago

Came here to just say that. FF has been completely Westernized to its detriment. Bring back turn-based. Bring back huge, expansive worlds, not just one or two large maps. Lovable, quirky characters and WEIRDNESS.

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XiNatsuDragnel828d ago

I agree for a different reason.

Christopher828d ago

Developers should do whatever they want. Games and their designs shouldn't have borders.

Cackocacho827d ago

Developers haven't done what the want, since the end of the PS2 era, when video games became all about money, and nothing about creativity.

Nothing gets greenlight anymore, which has even an ounce of risk involved.

ED-E827d ago

Video Games were always about the money, since the very first arcades in the 70s. When you start to earn money with something, people with plans to expand it will eventually arrive, sometimes are even the devs themselves. I mean, greed let to the video game crash in the early/mid 80s.

But I disagree that publishers shy away to put money on risky project since PS2. If so, there would be nothing else to play than FPS and sports games.

Btw. here a daily updated list of games from devs with full creative control: http://www.whatsonsteam.com... .
Have fun.

Christopher826d ago

***looks at the entirety of indie games***

gamer7804827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Agreed. It’s a shame publishers are hiring people to limit the devs creative freedom and make them less Japanese like Sony and SE

gamer7804827d ago

Right especially not hindered by publishers or internal departments regulating artists creative vision which SE now has.

LordoftheCritics827d ago

I agree.

Do whatever inspires you.

Anything and everything.

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Terry_B828d ago

But..the majority of the Square-Enix games did EXACTLY that lol Be it Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Babylons Fall. lol. In the case of FF, its like totally influenced by the west since FF XI..and since FFXIII for the worse.

gamer7804827d ago

Agree with most but FFXIII still felt very Japanese to me . Their newest game looks terrible

Gardenia827d ago

Yes, I've always said they have to look back at the older Final Fantasy games and what made them so successful. Games like FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX are masterpieces, but also games like Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, Saga Frontier.

H9828d ago

I wish you would actually apply that square enix