New Halo 3 alpha Screenshots

Check out these latest screens from the alpha version of Halo 3. They were first posted by German website Evo-X, but that site is at the moment down due to heavy traffic. Scroll down to story images to view the screens.

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T-Virus4893d ago

Nice work on getting them on here quick enough DC RIDER, thank you!

MikeMichaels4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

....this just looks lame now that the "normal mapping" wow factor has worn off from part 2.

Pretty much all this game ever had going for it was it's technical superiority on the orignal Xbox. Boths part 1 and 2 set the bar for their respective time.

Looks like this one is gonna miss the mark.

...and it's "not even close" to the trailer they released last year.

MoonDust4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

This game will be sick!
Can't wait to see what the final build will look like.

videogamenews4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

The source site seems to be a bit slow loading so if you can't get on, I've got them on my site too.


Lacarious4893d ago

seriously... is it me or does this look like a slight upgrade from halo 2?

PureGamer4893d ago

wtf these look lame cmon bungie up the graphics a bit eh?

T-Virus4893d ago

till the final game, alpha build is what is on show, that's why EVERY single screen had Alpha Build on it!

techie4893d ago

DOn't be presumptuous from those screens. They are shots off a can't see any of the detail. The final game will look incredible. We all know it - they wouldn't want to let anyone down.

Booneral4893d ago

Some people definately need to learn what "alpha" means, and how Bungie loves to be hideous about their work till they are satisfied with it.

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