Opinion: Why The Industry Needs Pre-Owned

Pre-owned games are the bete-noir of publishers. But one retailer believes they may actually help to grow the business, ultimately benefiting the very companies that would most like to end this practise.

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kingboy6189d ago

maybe if preowned cd stores were like games then piracy rate would reduce online

Lucidmantra6189d ago

It doesn't matter. When you license a game (buy it at a store) it is fully in your rights to sell, or trade the license (read that as the media (DVD)) should you like. You are not buying the intellectual property you are buying the right to use a copy of their intellectual property (read: play the game) and if you don't want to you can sell or trade those rights away. It is the problem with being able to copy games and run them by couteracting harware and software copy countermeasures that gives this issue any press at all. People will always copy. The issue is to make a security system that is not easily cracked, hacked or worked around. This whole issue is becoming more of a mute point with the advent of free download demos that you can play and decide if you want to buy the game. Of course after you beat it you then trade but MOST of what i have traded was the crap that sucked.