A Bloodborne Remaster Just Makes Too Much Sense After Elden Ring

Going back to Bloodborne after playing Elden Ring shows how much it needs a remaster or even just an update,

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MadLad227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

As much as I love Bloodborne, it's far from a like. 30fps, muddy textures, and jaggies everywhere. I would love to see a remaster/remake.

mandf227d ago

The art style was incredible

MadLad227d ago

The art style is what actually drew me in and made it my favorite of the "souls" series. I love the old school gothic Victorian look they went with for it.

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Nintentional227d ago

Ted Cruz would have this terrible opinion ^

MadLad227d ago

And you have no opinion.
Just dumb attempts at insults.

PeaSFor227d ago

Look like Ted cruz live inside your head, for free. Probably Donal Trump too.

kythlyn227d ago

It's always the right time for a Bloodborne remaster.

VerminSC227d ago

This is my dream, I tried to replay it after Elden ring and it just looks terrible comparatively.

Would love a remaster

Michiel1989227d ago

A remaster would be a waste of bluepoints talents, give it to some lesser studio and let bluepoint make greatness.

KingofBandits227d ago

disagree, yes DemonSouls looks fantastic but I still don't think its art and style match Elden Ring. Also Elden Ring is so much a Berserk love letter it gets more points just for that in my book

philm87226d ago

Bluepoint should concentrate on full remakes. Bloodborne just needs a remaster with higher resolution, HDR, and 60fps.

Duke19227d ago

Id prefer Bloodborne 2 rather than an upscaled PS4 game

CrimsonWing69227d ago

Yea, I love how everyone demands a flippin’ Remaster instead of a damn sequel like we used to get back in the golden age of gaming. It’s a miracle we ever got to Devil May Cry V, Resident Evil VIII, or Final Fantasy XVI smashing into this generation of gaming where people keep asking for the same game on a new platform.

MadLad226d ago

To be fair, Bloodborne really does deserve a sequel.
As much as I love the game, itself, and the art style, it looks and plays pretty rough.

philm87226d ago

I don't think it's a case of getting one or the other.

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Inverno227d ago

A "remaster" has made sense since the pro came out, but it never got a patch. A PC rerelease and a 10 dollar update is possible but not probable since they've not given much love to Bloodborne since it's release.

philm87226d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if there's a technical reason they haven't done it. Either that or they're just doing a proper remaster that's taking it's time to perfect.

Inverno226d ago

It doesn't take 7 years to remaster a game, and Bloodborne is as if not way more popular than the games SONY have ported over to PC and given upgrades on PS5. Until they speak on it it's safe to assume they don't care about Bloodborne.
Don't get me wrong I'd love to see it fixed up a bit, but I don't get my hopes up from baseless rumours and people begging.

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The story is too old to be commented.