New Wii Shooter Announced

Conspiracy Entertainment (Yes, the guys behind Pocket Pool) just announced that they plan to bring a futuristic 3D mech shooter to the Wii.

Shoot Out "pits freedom fighters against alien robot machines in a fight for control of earth."

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Rasputin20114893d ago

Who cares about the game the chicks are smokin hot!

TheMART4893d ago

Are those hookers shipped with a copy of this game?

Ordering right away, even I don't have a Wii yet ;-)

The great 14893d ago

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eclipsegryph4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

Reported for offensive and totally pointless commenting. And seeing as how you've only two bubbles, you should've been expecting this.

I have no clue just who MART is or why he'd grab your ire, but childish crap like this can stay between you two.

TheMART4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

Obviously you like me a lot, get of my back or I'll make you get off this site with a bio like this:

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I'll get your bubbles cut down and totally banned in the end.

@ little one (below)

Your reply:

Priceless, thanks for helping me out dude to get you to one bubble

The great 14893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

hahahah fuk up go 4 it i wanna laugh

True Gamer4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

But look at yourself TheMart, your ignored by 11 people, that's not something I would be proud of.

Also I wonder how this game will turn out I hope it ends up being better than red steel.

TheMART4892d ago

And tracked by 5. That's what you get when you dare to say things. Some people don't want to hear stuff, others do. How many people track you?

People that are more out, are always liked or hated. I don't mind. I post what's my opinion based on facts, games, reality, comparing. That's a totally other league then 'Great uno' having such a bio.

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