Xbox and Elden Ring top the charts in busy March | UK Monthy Report

Over 112,000 games consoles, nearly 2.8 million games and over 700,000 accessories were sold in the UK last month.

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Silly gameAr345d ago

Nintendo back on top, xbox and Elden Ring is killing it. Man, you guys can't decide which company you want to stan, huh?

Atom666344d ago

Nintendo - leads UK sales for 2022
Xbox - leads UK sales for March
Elden Ring - leads UK sales for March.

How should they report that information in a way that doesn't offend you?

Obscure_Observer344d ago

"How should they report that information in a way that doesn't offend you?"

By not report facts, perhaps? :/

MadLad344d ago

The moment Sony can't say they're the top dog at everything being done with games right now, you get comments like this on here.

Army_of_Darkness343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I'm a big Sony playstation gamer ever since the psone days, but ever since that GT7 nonsense(yes I know, they patched it, but what they tried to pull on us to begin with was a low blow) , along with several upcoming games as a service announcement, I'm starting to really losing faith in them.....
But good job Xbox!

344d ago
Obscure_Observer344d ago

Congrats goes to Phil and the Xbox Team.

Xbox is definitely back on track thanks to you guys.

darkrider344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Really can't understand how. No games in 2022 from Microsoft and we are already in April. Back on track because You play with consoles sold or games? The only thing a agree is that Phil was smart on paying millions more to lower the supply of ps5. It's an amazing move. Only Microsoft could think of this.

Killer73nova344d ago

Wait so Microsoft paid someone to lower supply on the ps5?

Gamer75344d ago

So the fact that Sony decided to lower the production rate of the PS5 has nothing to do with it ?

darthv72344d ago

MS didn't pay more... their chips are just easier to churn out.

Jericho1337344d ago

Value proposition of gamepass perhaps?

Christopher344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@darthv72: I'm not believing that considering the two are extremely similar in design and more is on hardware on XSX than PS5. Sorry, I'm not saying MS definitely paid for more, but someone saying XSX is easier to churn out is just BS. There are literally more of them and rely on more components than PS5.

darthv72344d ago

@chris, easier as in they can get more chips per wafer (for series s for example) than what is produced for series x and ps5. So they can get them quicker and produce more complete units in a timely fashion. the vid explains it better than my little comment.

MadLad344d ago

You have it backwards.

Microsoft paid the money to get contracts to get more current gen consoles on shelves.
Sony spent money mass producing PS4 and billions to bring a bunch of GaaS titles to market.

Don't act like you know the semiconductor industry, because you obviously don't. It's much more the automotive industry vs the entertainment hardware industry than anything.
Sony decided not to fight.
Microsoft did.

Christopher344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

***easier as in they can get more chips per wafer (for series s for example) than what is produced for series x and ps5.***

From the article: "Microsoft's family of consoles were the best-selling devices in March, which was helped by the arrival of more Series X stock."

So, no. We're not talking Series S die size here. They got more Series X stock, which is larger than PS5. And they've been continuing to get more Series X.

@TheRealTedCruz ***Microsoft paid the money to get contracts to get more current gen consoles on shelves.***

Too bad they didn't put some of that into building out Halo Infinite content.

There's no winning argument considering both have to spend money in all directions here. It's not like Microsoft is perfect with what they're doing with their money either. Both could do better in different areas.

MadLad344d ago


Wasn't it just announced that they brought on a support studio, full time, that has has worked with Microsoft for the better part of two decades, to try to get Infinite's multiplayer on track?

Not that it matters to me; I only ever cared about the campaigns.

Christopher344d ago

***Wasn't it just announced that they brought on a support studio, full time, that has has worked with Microsoft for the better part of two decades, to try to get Infinite's multiplayer on track?***

Sure. A whole 4 months after release and they're hiring people to do it, so all you have to do is wait at least 6 months instead of spending that money early last year and having it at release. Again, poor planning on Microsoft's part, IMHO. Do you think it's a good thing to do it so late after release instead of spending tons of money to invest before games are made like Sony did recently? Or are we just shitting on Sony for not having tons of money to throw at chips as well?

These companies are way more alike than people seem to want to admit. They both make mistakes on spending money, messaging, etc.

Lightning77344d ago

"Really can't understand how. No games in 2022 from Microsoft and we are already in April."

Because the rest of the world isn't n4g or any other forums where exclusives rules the world. The real world doesn't go by who has the most exclusive, again, just the internet play by those rules. The rest of the world are going with the cheaper easy to find console with gamepass.

MS lowered the supply of Sony? What... No man they paid for chip priority to get their console firstborn the line to be main before Sony's PS5. MS can't lower the PS5 production because they don't control the PS5 production....

Doesn't matter, uae whatever theory and justification to help you cope and sleep better at night I guess.

glennhkboy344d ago

@darkrider So you also meant Nintendo shouldn't sold this well, also? Nintendo also didn't have any big 1st party exclusive in March. So you meant Nintendo also "paying millions more to lower the supply of ps5."?......

KingofBandits344d ago

So many down votes yeesh. You're wrong about the second part lol MS did not pay to nerf PS5 output. Microsoft's parts are just easier to source. Take look at a tear down of both you'll see MS uses a more traditional architecture especially with the SSD and Motherboard. Also we don't know sales break down of S vs X, with the S being even lower architecture its much easier to make that chip. Where you're dead on it is the lack of games, MS has next to nothing going on for the XSX well into 2023

StarkR3ality344d ago

Let's not pretend that Sony are pumping out exclusives every 2 months either. Both Xbox and playstation have been a bit barren.

Other than horizon forbidden west what other noteworty game have Sony released? So far they have had a better year yes, but there's nothing now really until next year (I still believe Ragnarok will get delayed til 2023, I hope not as I fucking love God of war) while while Xbox have at least starfield.

Both companies are still reeling from COVID let's be honest, but I fully expect 2023 to be the true start of getting consistent current gen games and I can't wait!

Atom666344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It doesn't really work that way. Paying for chip priority isn't paying to lower the supply to others.

Sony just dropped $1b on some metaverse crap. Start there in your complaints.

Series S production has been easier to push through, but even with paying for chip priority at different times, PS has still been ordering more chips than Xbox.

Just a reminder of why it wasn't really in our best interest when Sony boasted to shareholders that PS5 hardware was already profitable.

The smart move by MS (or Phil if he's the center of your universe) is that they 1) have the SS to help with production and chip shortages 2) Also partner with AMD for chips for cloud initiatives to aid their negotiations for pricing 3) Are pumping money into production during the slow period for software.


Not sure how or why Halo's MP content plays into the discussion. But Certain Affinity has worked on Halo for years.

Their new game mode for Infinite specifically has been leaked for months.

itsmebryan344d ago

Please provide proof that Microsoft is paying to limit PS5 supply? If it's that easy why didn't Sony just pay for the same thing?

As for games have you seen or heard of Gamepass? It just got Sony's MLB : the show 22 day and date and no extra charge. Why PS5 owners have to pay $70+ tax.
Does that help you better understand why Xbox is selling well.

itsmebryan344d ago

Why would Sony lower their production rate? Did they want to sell less consoles to lower the gap between PS5 and Xbox and also make less money?
Please explain.

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QSPR343d ago


When MS been on track? 360 era? last time I check they still behind on total sales, they don't have exclusives (as now, maybe in the future they can pump more) they just manage to have more stock console (for 2 months) and gamepass that's it!

StarkR3ality343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

On average the games that have released as Series X exclusives have a higher metacritic scores than Playstation since the launch of the new consoles. Of course that's not be all and end all but don't say that Xbox hasn't had any good games the last year and a bit because they have, just not as many as we would have liked.

We are now expecting Fable, hellblade, starfield, Forza Motorsport, Avowed, outer world's 2, redfall, Contraband, maybe Gears 6 and the new Indiana Jones game in the next 18 - 24 months. That's just the ones we are aware of.

Playstation on the other hand it's looking pretty dry. God of war and Spiderman will be amazing I'm sure and it's about quality not quantity.

A console is liked because they can actually get them into the hands of the consumer and give them hundreds of games at a nominal monthly fee while promising first party games in that fee, meanwhile their compititer offer paid demos on their highest tier? Wow yeah you're right, Microsoft are evil af how dare they.

Elda344d ago

I've played a lot of Elden Ring but I have not played my recently acquired XBSS since this past January.

P_Bomb344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I’m hopping back on my GamePass backlog in May once I wrap up my current backlog, lol. So much backlog.

Elda344d ago

Once I finish my current backlog of current AAA games on the PS5 I may try Halo Infinite again because I got bored with it,the gameplay got repetitive. I may try the latest Gears game as well. The current indie & low-budget games releasing on GP these past few months I really have no interest in playing.

CaptainHenry916344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


I would go with Gears and maybe Forza. 343 messed up Halo-infinite especially not adding Co-op and some other features and modes. I did not enjoy Halo-infinite at all maybe because it's starting to get Stale. Make sure you sign up to gamepass for a month so you can play all of Microsoft exclusives for cheap. Gears is good.

CaptainHenry916344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Where's the Xbox exclusives on this list?

Lightning77344d ago

In the past month what exclusives have they released?

glennhkboy344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@Lightning77 You're talking about Nintendo, right? There is also no big exclusive for Switch (apart from the complete edition of Mario Kart). So you also mean Nintendo should not be the top spot?

andy85344d ago

Only a couple but I never suggested otherwise. It was a quiet end to the year. And games do take time to develop but nothing having much of note out until 2 years after release isn't great. All those should have been tied up and started to develop beforehand. Especially the flagship Halo.

Traecy344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

The last exclusive was 2021 Halo Infinite,it seems no big budget XB exclusives are releasing throughout this year until November.

CaptainHenry916344d ago

Or next year if they get delayed

MadLad344d ago


And Sony released a whole 2 since that.
Both being considered a step back from the releases before them.

Ausbo344d ago

Red fall is supposed to be summer, but we have seen zero of that game, so I’m skeptical

andy85344d ago

@therealtedcruz it's still 2 though. And I wouldn't say a step back. GT7 is the highest rated one for 17 years and Forbidden West basically scored the same as HZD. And there's been other highly rated like Sifu etc.

MadLad344d ago


And what did Sony put out the second half of last year that was anything of note?
Studios under Microsoft literally put out the majority of goty contenders for 2021.

Do people forget games actually take time to develop? I feel like gamers can't remember anything unless it happened within the last few months.

Microsoft has a bunch of titles coming down the pipeline from award winning developers.

344d ago
P_Bomb343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

“GT7 is the highest rated for 17 years and Forbidden West basically scored the same as HZD. There’s been other highly rated like Sifu”


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badz149344d ago Show
Elda344d ago

I have Gamepass until August but I hardly use it because there just aren't any current AAA games to play on the service so that's why I buy most AAA exclusives & multi-plats to play on my PS5 as soon as they're released. My XBSS I got buy winning at a Xmas party so I decided to keep it but it's basically collecting dust. Again once I finish my backlog of 2021 & 2022 games on the PS5 I'll try Halo Infinite again & Gears 5. I may try Ori as well.

CaptainHenry916344d ago

Ori is probably the best Xbox exclusive. I really enjoyed that game and the sequel

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andy85344d ago

I really don't know know why people make a big deal about this and try and defend Sony, it's just natural that the most available console will have strong numbers, espcially when grouped in with the Series S. I'm sure if both consoles were on shelves the numbers would all blow up.

Crows90344d ago

Exactly. It's not like you can find PS5s. Xbox consoles on the other hand are easy to come by.

andy85344d ago

I mean I wouldn't say easy. They're still difficult most of the time but they were on Amazon UK for 48 hours a few weeks ago so I'm guessing a hell of a lot got their console.

MadLad344d ago

Definitely helps when Microsoft actually spent the money to make them more available to the average consumer, instead of just seeing them at 3x cost by scalpers.
But it's not exactly "easy" to find Xbox all the same.
Got a Series S gifted to me from my work for Christmas, been trying to sell it to upgrade to a Series X, and all I ever find are bundles for both the Series X and S, who always want almost twice what the console itself costs for a bunch of add on accessories and games nobody really asked for.
I have yet to see a single Xbox Series on store shelves, despite what people on here love to make claim like you can just walk into Walmart and grab one.

Crows90343d ago


Don't know about others but my claims are genuine. For months the series s was available at a costco, Walmart and GameStop near me.
The series x happened to be available several times at a game stop near me. Odd but whatever....PS5s I have never been given the occasion to get like that....ever.

I was lucky online with the announced drops and managed to snag a couple.

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