Microsoft responds to Black Xbox 360 rumors

A recent report on Gamers' Reports suggested that Australia is getting a black Xbox 360 replete with 120GB hard drive and HMDI port this April. The Website recently asserted it is "100% official" that a black Xbox 360 with 120GB hard drive and an HDMI port is coming this April.

Naturally, Microsoft PR representatives have a different story. "We have not made any official announcements regarding any such product at this time. Obviously, were we to announce something like this, it would have to be in a blowout press event, rather than by confirming a rumor."

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ironwolf5717d ago

No HDMI, no enlarged harddrive; sounds like a $1.98 can of Krylon to me.

grifter0245717d ago

That does look pretty nice.. I mean its not a debug because it would be charcoal colored and not shiny.. If it does everyone can hate but that will be pretty nice.

OutLaw5717d ago

If they do release a new version of the 360 I hope the system is built better.

My xbox360 just got the red rings today after having it for a year and 3 months. I got it on release day. So I called them about the problem and at first you get a recording taking you step by step about how to troubleshoot the damn thing. I did that and still the three red lights. After the whole waste of time with the recording they connect you to an agent. Told the person about the problem and of me trying to troubleshoot the damn thing and the agent said well I have some bad news for you, it maybe something wrong with your 360. "No, really?" After being on the phone for a little while he then told me I have to pay $139.90. Now at the moment I have no choice but to do this because I also have the HD-DVD add-on with alot of HD movies. But if I had a choice I wouldn't do it because from day one, people have been complaining about the original shipment and I feel that MS knew about it and should have made a recall for those systems. Now I know that people feel that the PS3 isn't worth the price. But with the price of my system, the HD-DVD add-on and the repair I have to pay for, for a system I had for less than a year and a half, my 360 is costing me more than my PS3.

So like I said earlier if MS does release the new 360 I hope that they fix this problem.

ironwolf5717d ago

If you haven't had your repair costs reimbursed, you or better yet, your lawyer should contact MS.

OutLaw5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

I asked about the extension and the guy came up with some bull about the extension is for the 90 day warranty extended to a year and if anybody paid before the year they would have gotten a refund for it. Then I asked "but shouldn't the extension be up to february?" and he didn't even give me a straight answer. I just don't get it.

ElementX5717d ago

I bought the Microsoft extended warranty on my release 360 because it was a better deal than an extended warranty from EB Games. A while back I received a letter in the mail saying my warranty was extended another year. YAY! :)

DJ5716d ago

horror stories about the 360's warranty were true after all. That sucks, Outlaw. I hope you find some way to get them to fix it free of charge. =/

OutLaw5716d ago

But nah, I had to pay to get it fixed. Today I decided to give in because I need my system to play my HD-DVD add-on. I wanted to send them payment by money order but they don't do that, so I gave my credit card info to them. Also they were going to charge me for shipping but I told them, isn't it free when you send the box to me? The agent on the line said hold on let me check and then got back on the phone and said that I'm lucky because after this week people have to pay to ship it to them. I do love my 360 but I'm burnt that after a year and 3 months this happened and I don't want to hear about the extended warranty when Microsoft knew that something was wrong with the first batch of systems.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5715d ago

DJ You know the only reason you commented was to slide a little negativity to the 360 side. Hey DJ didn’t they just do an article about guys like you in EGM recently?

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ooogabooga235717d ago

Try slapping your xbox a couple times, then squeeze it.

Dont be gentle, give it a good smack, then squeeze. It might just work

Syko5717d ago

Give that slu+ a good kick. Followed by a powdered pimp slap! If that dosen't work blow in her cartridge slot!

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