God of War Ragnarok Could Be The Last PlayStation Exclusive On PS4

God of War Ragnarok could be the last PlayStation exclusive game that would release on the PlayStation 4, and it is something many are unaware of.

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Orchard419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

I don’t know. I think they’ll extend the cross gen period.

Still lots of shortages going on, and if the rumors about MS paying for chip priority are true, they’re going to get worse before they get better.

The market is also too big to ignore, you’re talking about 100m+ audience vs under 20m - by EOY I expect it to be at 20-25m though - but still peanuts compared to PS4.

blackblades419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Depends on what's after, I dont know what's after GoW but Spiderman and wolverine and they a 2023+ game. By then the shortage is expected to be ended by then but who knows. Also 2023 would be the 3rd year its expected for games after GoW to be only ps5.

Orchard419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Agreed - it’s 100% going to come down to chip availability.

And there’s probably still some post-GoW but pre-Wolverine/Spiderman exclusives (from Sony or 2nd party) that we don’t know about with E3 being right around the corner.

jukins419d ago

Chip shortages aside, most ps cross gen exclusives have sold alot more on ps5. Even though we're approaching year 2 theres still a ton of hardcore ps gamers, whoxtypicallyxwpuld buy ps exclusives, still seeking to buy a ps5. Due to chip shortages id say we're still in early adopters stage.

By 2023 when the next big known exclusives arrive install will be even larger especially if they figure out a chip solution

Orchard419d ago

Sales breakdowns can be hard to judge though, some sources don’t report digital for example.

But I think it’s really going to come down to the chips. If you can walk into most retail stores and buy a PS5 with ease/zero effort in major markets - we’ll start seeing crossgen fade away - especially for first party / exclusives since the platform holders have a vested interest in moving people off the old platforms.

Stanjara418d ago

People with money buy scalper prices PS5s. Those people also preorder games and buy them day 1.

I would call them whales of PlayStation,

But that is not a healthy and realistic business model.

You may compare sales in first month, and difference isn't a lot.

It's 60/40 in most cases, but check that number a year later.

Also 40%is still a number not to ignore.

I agree. Chip availability is the key to move forward.

iplay1up2418d ago

If I were planning on playing GOW, and were just waiting till I could score a PS5 at MSRP, I would just wait till I got a PS5. I would rather play it with the best possible experience, than one that will no doubt be great, on PS4, but even better on PS5.

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blackblades419d ago

You main argument is chip shortage from you replies. There are ps5 only games from them so I'll probably go with maybe some ps5 only games and some cross. I'm more towards more ps5 only games definitely after 2022.

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CaptainHenry916419d ago

Since Microsoft might have invested in priority access to microchips during global shortage to stay close to the PS5 in sales you might be right

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1Victor418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

@cap that article you linked lost all credibility when they quoted VGFCZ as a sale source.
I don’t doubt it be true as Microsoft has done everything possible to get rid of PlayStation(360 era paying for time exclusives only to loose and be destroyed the next generation and now buying whole publishers to keep 3rd party games from PlayStation) and failed at every attempt.
No matter how many consoles they get on shelves faster than Sony if it’s sale slower than PlayStation.
Microsoft fan base is in the neighborhood of 50-60 millions (I been generous with MS here as the RROD padded a lot of 360 sales and when they sold equally 60 millions was it’s topped assumed number)while Sony is in the 100+ millions with the exception of PS3 because the price and Microsoft rush to market.
I don’t think the ps4 support will continue 100% pass this year maybe mid next

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CrimsonWing69419d ago

At some point PS4 is going to get ignored. Also, I’ve seen sales figures where games are selling more on PS5 than PS4.

Charlieboy333419d ago

Most people are buying the PS5 versions of these games despite the shortage. A majority of the rest are waiting until they can get a PS5 before buying. The minority are actually buying the PS4 versions. So what idiots are you trying to convince with your retarded statement?

ABizzel1418d ago

Single Player Main AAA games, it should be. Cross-gen multiplayer GAAS it might not be.

frostypants418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

The PS5 is selling virtually the same as the PS4 at the same point in its cycle, despite shortages and even though it can't meet demand. I see no reason why they'd treat this cycle any differently with regard to cross gen.

Bigman4k417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

I think cross gen will last the whole generation too unless this generation last all the way til 2026 and Sony will do what MS did and pay for chip shortage to get more PS5's out there because other than that how they gonna get enough PS5's in store and online for me i would be ok if we had another long generation like XB360/PS3 only time will tell what Sony will do

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KyRo419d ago

Same. I know it's a bit selfish cause I do have a PS5 but but so far apart from R&C and The Matrix tech demo, it doesn't feel like next gen has started yet. Nothing apart from those two games have wowed me to the point of thinking this is next gen

Hikoran418d ago

You have a lot to try if that's all that's "wowed" you...

AzurePaladin77418d ago


Demon's Souls Remake is really really beautiful. I hear Returnal is good too.

Knushwood Butt418d ago

Returnal, regardless of technical achievements, is an excellent game.

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Thegr81419d ago

It’s definitely what we all want but nobody thought the current chip shortage would last this long and that’s really going to be the determining factor. More ps5s then yes, not enough ps5s then more cross gen sadly.

jdoe419d ago

well about god damn time

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