Here’s how to unlock Rambo Ullr in Smite

John Rambo is summoned out of the jungles of Burma to answer the call of battle once again. This time the movie icon lands in the third-person multiplayer online battle arena Smite. According to Hi-Rez Studios, the Norse god Ullr becomes Rambo. Fans can play Rambo if they have a Prime Gaming subscription.

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P_Bomb350d ago

Finally watched Last Blood. I’ll never look at collarbones the same, lol!

Deathdeliverer350d ago

Lol… the creativity on killing people in Rambo movies… and how strong ARE some of those people?! You know how strong you’d have to be to rip into someone and take out a part?

P_Bomb350d ago

That ending finisher straight outta Mortal Kombat, hehe ;p