Xbox Game Pass Has Half Subscribers Of PlayStation Plus, Despite Its Offerings

Xbox Game Pass might offer a lot to subscribers, but it is still halfway as popular as PlayStation Plus according to a recent report.

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melons417d ago

The growth of both is what will be most interesting to see

StarkR3ality417d ago

150% growth last year compared to 15% for PS+.

EvertonFC417d ago

It will be with £1 deals pmsl. Sony doesn't really do those deals yet it's done ok tbh

dubal-e416d ago

180 a year vs 60 a year.

oldenjon415d ago

It’s a new service vs an old one. Those numbers literally mean nothing,

isarai417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Wow did my comment really get marked as spam for simply saying the comparison should go, PS+ to XBL Gold, and Gamepass to PSNow? Why exactly?

I find it funny i only get marked as spam when trying to engage in a XB/MS subject. Aint even a hit towards or for any brand, just saying this comparison makes no sense.

StarkR3ality417d ago

Mate I'm getting disagrees for stating basic numerical facts :L

It's Sony ponies. I have a PS5 and I love it, but I don't wanna stick my bell end in it like most of the people on this website.

1nsomniac417d ago

This sites run by Sony Social media PR. Has been for about 3-4 years. It has got much worse over the past 12 months tho. They no longer hide it now. Like you said those of us that don’t give a crap about “brand loyalty” get shut down for stating facts when the fan boys don’t like it.

TheCaptainKuchiki416d ago

MS is killing XBL to replace it with GP in the next ew years.
That's why the comparison is now PS+ vs Gamepass.

StarkR3ality416d ago

Still isn't a fair comparison.

Geezer I've got both and they are both worthwhile subscriptions. Game pass, unfortunately for the Sony fanboys out there, is just the better product.

Spin it how you want to make yourself feel better though of course.

Nuvem416d ago

It's not just you. I have stated simple numerical facts here against xbox and it got declared as spam.

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Neonridr417d ago

why are we comparing a subscription service to PS Plus? Wouldn't Xbox Live be a better comparison?

RaveTears417d ago

Both are subscription service. But also PSNow is merging with PS+ so that mean PS+ be competing with Game Pass.

Atom666417d ago

One tier of Game Pass (ultimate) includes Xbox Live. Just like the upper tier of PS+ will soon.

So should we compare PS+ subs vs. XBL+Game Pass numbers?

Or should we just all agree that these articles are useless flamebait?

Neonridr417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

how is PS+ a subscription service? PS+ is the same thing as Xbox Live. You need to subscribe to that to play online games. Game Pass and PS Now are services above and beyond those.

Yes Sony is merging PS Now with PS+ but I'm willing to wager that the vast majority of people will be on the PS+ Essential level which is still just the basic PS+ with no access to additional games.

Are you telling me that there are more PS Now subscribers currently than Game Pass ones?

Nitrowolf2417d ago

One you need to play online so ur kind of forced into it unless u play f2p only

EvertonFC417d ago

I'm baffled yet not surprised by you're disagrees.
The level of intelligence astounds me these days
Surely they know there both subscription services lol

MrBeatdown417d ago


"how is PS+ a subscription service? PS+ is the same thing as Xbox Live. You need to subscribe..."

Aaand we're done.

StarkR3ality417d ago

Psnow has around 3 - 4 million subscribers and isn't really growing hence the merger.

Game pass has over 25 million subscribers. But as I said in previous comments, people won't compare two like for like because that makes Sony look bad.

Neonridr416d ago

@MrBeatdown - lol, I should have worded that better XD

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Christopher417d ago

Perhaps to show the level of interest between one subscription service (pay to play online) versus another (pay to pay online and access to a list of games). Also to show that one service hasn't reduced the other service, but only grown the new one without affecting the older one.

Petebloodyonion417d ago

Care to explain?
because If you are talking about the fact that Game with gold now sucks to promote Gamepass well please remind me again of what Sony is now offering this month?

lonewolf10417d ago

Why didn't they compare Gold to Pass and Plus to Now to do that then, or Gold to Plus and Pass to Now?

John_McClane417d ago

Looks like click bait for fan boys to me.

MrBaskerville416d ago

What's sony offering this month? A well liked platformer, one of the best deckbuilders since dominion and some online game for ps5. Could defineitely be worse.

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darthv72417d ago

Agreed. Live Gold is akin to PS+ while PSNow is akin to Gamepass. for anyone who doesnt know how they compare... here ya go.

XB Live Silver (free / no online play)
XB Live Gold (paid / online play)
Gamepass XB (download games / no online play)
Gamepass PC (download games / online play)
Gamepass Ultimate XB/PC (download games / online play / cloud streaming)

PS+ (online play)
PSNow (download / cloud streaming w/online play only with games in PSNow service)
PS+ Essential (same as current PS+)
PS+ Extra (combines PS+ & PSNow but no cloud streaming )
PS+ Premium (expanded version of Extra with older games as well as cloud streaming)

1Victor417d ago

Agree but there’s no distinction ,when Xbox fans are talking about Xbox live they always referred to it as a whole not gold silver copper or whatever other tier just Xbox live and game pass

generic-user-name417d ago

Why are people acting like PS+ isn't a subscription service? And yes XBL is also a subscription service.

darthv72417d ago

XBL itself is not a subscription service. Gold is. XBL is just their console centric membership like Playstation Network. both of which have a free tier and paid tier of members. nobody is saying PS+ isnt a subscription service, just that it is incorrect to compare to Gamepass. At least for now until the revamped Now+ comes out

generic-user-name417d ago

My bad, I meant Gold when I said XBL. But as for "nobody is saying PS+ isn't a subscription service", here's what the comment I replied to said:

"why are we comparing a subscription service to PS Plus?"

1Victor417d ago

@darth “XBL itself is not a subscription service.”
So what is considered a subscription?
If you need to pay for a service or it stop working be it daily, weekly, monthly, or annually it’s a subscription
Just because you don’t want it to conform to your ideology it doesn’t means it’s a lie.
This kind of articles same as the one saying that PS+ fail because day1 are just stupid and pointless flames to make consoles fans fight and we all fall for it

darthv72417d ago

@Victor, it's the distinction between gold and silver. The way generic phrased it was lacking context. Hence the entirety of XBL is just that... it is the xbox network where you can either be a free member or a paid subscriber. does that make sense now?

Like you said yourself, "If you need to pay for a service or it stop working be it daily, weekly, monthly, or annually it’s a subscription." There are lots of people who are members to XBL that dont pay (free aka silver), especially on the PC where Gold is not a requirement for online play.

Neonridr416d ago

yes, but they are required at the base level to simply play online. I was using the term subscription more as something above and beyond. XBL and PS+ are directly comparable because they do the same thing. But PS+ and Game Pass aren't. If you want to compare Game Pass you use PS Now as the competition.

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EvertonFC417d ago

Because both are subs services ffs pmsl

Neonridr416d ago

XBL and PS+ are required just to play online. Game Pass and PS Now are supplemental and not included with either service (XBL or PS+). Just because PS Now is being merged with PS+ doesn't mean you can now say that 20 million people subscribe to PS Now because the majority of people will be using the basic level which won't include access to these games like Game Pass does.

1Victor416d ago

@ frosty other websites has been comparing both and saying the new PS+ failed compared to game pass 🤷🏿 I guess it’s another one of those you can’t compare to me but I can compare to you moment

darthv72416d ago

^^if they are comparing gamepass to the "new" PS+ then it applies. Because new + (extra / premium) is similar to GP/ GPU.

Comparing the current + to GP/ GPU is incorrect.

NotoriousWhiz416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

You guys really went all crazy over semantics. I guess this is the internet after all.

Class_Viceroy416d ago

well last time I checked you must pay monthly, quarterly or yearly for PS by definition it is a subscription service.

I get what you mean.....but you are factually wrong by saying PS Plus isn't a subscription service.

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Starlins417d ago

Across two platforms vs one.

SullysCigar417d ago

Exactly - making this all the more interesting.

porkChop417d ago

It isn't interesting at all. It's not a real comparison. PS+ is required for online multiplayer making it much more necessary. Xbox Live Gold is the competitor to PS+, not Game Pass. PSNow would be a closer comparison to Game Pass.

SullysCigar417d ago

^ And what about the PC GP subscriber base - we leaving those in?

Yeah, thought so..

porkChop417d ago

How do PC GP subs change anything? What point are you attempting to make here? By all means take the PC subscribers out of it. It doesn't matter. The point stands, it's a stupid comparison. Game Pass and PS+ are not comparable services. What next, are you gonna compare Gran Turismo and Kirby because they both have cars?

CaptainHenry916417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Not surprised at all. But what's more interesting is that "Nintendo Switch Online has much more subscribers than the Xbox Game Pass, with a 32 million-strong subscriber count." I mean I wouldn't never guess 🤔

Lightning77417d ago

I would. The Switch released in 17 same time as Gamepass, gamepass is optional till this day, Nintendo online play isn't. Nintendo having 32 million subscribers isn't that much when they have a ton of Switches out. 103 million sold with only 32 million subscribed is not a good ration. Game pass is only 7 million behind. That gap will close considerably because I can't see a sudden surge in online subscriptions suddenly going up for Nintendo unless they over haul their online service.

curtain_swoosh417d ago

yeh but they are two different things what u just said.
ones a game library sub ones a sub for online playing

S2Killinit417d ago

Well, all I know is that the new PSPlusNow combo is where the best value is for me.

417d ago