She Will Punish Them April Gameplay – Fan-service for £12, puts many other games to shame

CG writes: L2 Games released a test build yesterday of their adult-themed action game She Will Punish Them on Steam. We followed them exactly two years ago in April 2020 when they released a very bare-bones product (see second video below). Since then, they have tirelessly added a ton of content and improved the game ten-fold. What we find amazing is for £12.49 (which is exceptionally cheap for the content offered), you have a pure fan-service game and a fairly competent hack and slash game. The customization is easy to use allowing players the chance to personalize their characters how they see fit. We think She Will Punish Them puts many other games in the genre to shame, all-things-considered. Anyhow, take a look at our three videos. The first is a SFW version on Youtube, the second showcases how the game looked 2 years ago, and the link below that points to an adult preview showcasing more of the lovely outfits they have made.

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