Remedy Entertainment Remaking First Two 'Max Payne' Titles

Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment announced that it will remake the iconic Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne video games.

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Orchard694d ago

Holy cow... Alan Wake 2 and now this... I had to double, triple check first that this wasn't some left over from April 1st.

neutralgamer1992694d ago

Very excited recently bought the original to play via BC. So if I understand correctly they will make each game separately and very early stage of development. 2025-2026 at the earliest is my guess but I think these games will finally get the love and support their deserve

iamrperry694d ago

I’m not sure the development cycle would be that long, considering they’re not “new” games. The storyline is already there, the gameplay and the models have been mapped out.
I would think it would be next year sometime.

neutralgamer1992694d ago

Yeah come to think of it I think you could be right and the development could.be much shorter than a new game from ground up

Like you said they already have most of the stuff they need and they are using their in house engine so that should cut down on development time too. I do wonder if they will straight up remake or will they make some changes to story if needed

RaidenBlack694d ago

Northlight Engine!
Hell yeah!

RaidenBlack694d ago

The news generated so much traffic, it broke the website.

-Foxtrot694d ago

God I love these, super happy they are being remade

It just had that special something the third game was missing

If Renedy ever got to do another game I hope they do their own Max Payne 3: The Rise of Max Payne a timeline where Mona survives and Max stays in New York

porkChop694d ago

Idk if they would want to. Sam Lake was really happy with Max Payne 3. He didn't want Rockstar to just imitate Remedy's games.

-Foxtrot694d ago

The issue I just felt is that Max Payne 3 came off like it was a new early IP by Rockstar, they got given the Max Payne franchise and we’re like “f*** it, let’s use this and just make this new game Max Payne, we’ll work around why we’ve set it in Brazil story wise”

You don’t have to make a carbon copy but it missed s lot of things which made the franchise so good.

The best parts of the game were the flashback levels in New York

RedDevils693d ago

People like me love Max Payne 1+2 are usually doesn't care about 3, it's boring. It completely different game the story hit a different direction to the first two it completely ruined it imo. It's a game that have Max Payne in name but there is no Max Payne in 3 it a completely differently character with better graphic.

mkis007694d ago

100% I liked Max Payne 3, but it didn't feel like a Max Payne sequel. The character looked way too different and there were no connections to the other game.

Eidolon694d ago

Special something, probably nostalgia.. lol

senorfartcushion694d ago

Always is.

It’s classified as an addictive substance.

-Foxtrot694d ago

Not really

Those iconic comic like cutscenes

Gritty, dark setting in New York

Music was more memorable

Theme song from Poets of the Fall was better over Health

Mona was a good foil for Max and interesting but ended up being thrown away choosing the wrong ending to go off

Drenched in Noire atmosphere and story wise

MADGameR694d ago

I can get behind that! I am VERY excited!

andy85694d ago

Damn I'm excited for this. Very wary with Rockstar being involved because their reputation is awful lately. Hopefully with Remedy developing it it should be good.

Profchaos694d ago

Rockstar is purely financing this all the tech work is on remedy

694d ago
badz149694d ago

just like they were only financing the GTA Trilogy. Everybody knows how THAT turned out. Plus, Remedy also had their hands on CrossFireX, right? THAT didn't turn out well either. honestly, it's really hard to be hyped by Remedy anymore these days. They are kinda misfiring left and right

andy85694d ago

I did say Rockstar weren't developing it but they didn't develop the recent trilogy either and they cheaped out on it. As said it should be good with Remedy.

pietro1212693d ago


Cross Fire being awful wasn’t Remedy’s fault that being said they have a great track record. Easily one if the best developers around and Sam Lake is a excellent writer