Bungie Weekly Update

From -- "What a week. Bungie has been hit by the lurgy, hard style. Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and one case of Mono! Spectacularly however, all of the sick folks continued to work irregardless, with one brave trooper hauling home an entire Desktop rig to work on, and many others using laptops. Nothing can stop the sexy monkey juggernaut that is Bungie, not even viruses, bacteria or crazy stomach parasites. The people on TV continue to claim it's just a normal flu season, but I am gonna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking. SPACE GERMS."

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SlyDark Star5709d ago

Glad to see some update on what they're doing, can't wait to hear Jen Taylor as Cortana again.

PS360PCROCKS5709d ago

Interesting about the new weapon and the newly advanced older weapon, wonder what that's all about

SlyDark Star5709d ago

Probably the Needler, as they told 1up that they are upgrading it and making it non-dualwieldable.

MoonDust5709d ago

"And an old weapon looks significantly more powerful now, thanks to a couple of new animation and graphic effects. The trusty rocket launcher now features a fiery blowback from the exhaust port, and an accompanying Spartan animation that you’ll enjoy watching (or not) in Multiplayer games. It looks cool, as hot exhausts spews out in a cloud of flame, followed by wispy smoke"

Marriot VP5708d ago

yah, better than nothing

Schmitty075708d ago

Bungie's the only one I know of that does this

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