Background downloading confirmed in PS3 XMB FW 1.6

Here's cofirmation from Phil Harrison (during a gameinformer interview) of PS3 background downloading, which will be introduced post Firmware 1.6

GI: Well, it was very important, especially for me. There was all of this talk about the big update when the console hits Europe in March. You mentioned today, background downloads. Will that be part of it, and what are some of the other things that you have planned for that?

Harrison: The only thing I can talk about is that background downloading will be part of the 1.6 upgrade. There's a bunch of other stuff, but Kawanishi-san would kill me if I was to reveal all of the details.

Hit the link for more info

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DJ4904d ago

Bring on the updates. =] It'll be what, 15 weeks after launch when they put this sucker out? Considering how much they listen to consumer requests I'm starting to wonder what else they're shoving in.

TheMART4904d ago

Listen to consumers???

Background downloading should have been there from the start, they said they would have something that would compete with XBL. But if you are honest you know it doesn't.

And all PS3 fans are saying: wait untill it does. Wait untill the good games come out, you're paying for potential, wait for the good online network. So how long do you have to wait before it's as good as the proposition MS is offering? 2, 3, 4 years?

Sony need to get their act together rather fast because background downloading is well... So 2006

Booneral4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Eventually people will want whatever Xbox Live has, and Sony will deliver, sooner or later. Hell even if you didn't want these, nor the other costumers, they would still do it, you gotta do whatever your opponent can do to compete. Updates are not everything, it's all about whole around support and services.

Who gives a crap to "Active Downloads" if you can't yet download the most recent demos? PlayStation 3 had a year more in development, and it should have had all online functionality 360 had on it's first day. It's not listening to consumer requests DJ, get that right. It's accomplishing an unfinished task.

But it's not like they will give PS3 the ability to wash&dry your clothes :D

Edit: @ Raist
The system malfunctions of Xbox 360 were not software based, I wish those malfunctions were that simple, they were hardware based, most indicating Error 102, which is in most cases caused by bad soldering in mass production. Of course there were overheating problems, some other problems here and there but generally people who messed up with 360's DVD-drive firmware faced with errors after an update. So, updates didn't screw up first-gen 360 consoles, basically they were already screwed thanks to Microsoft's careless mass production back in those days. -Which is of course a WORSE thing than software update causing a malfunction because of some program error- since hardware based errors are not easy to fix, and cause alot of headache to Microsoft sorry, Micro$oft.

Right, they DO listen to the consumer don't they? Where is the 20GB system in UK? I don't want to hear "people would rather like to have 60GB version for full experience crap" anymore, if you do it somewhere in the world, you should do it everywhere you sell your system. People ask for it, people want lower prices, where are they? They definately listen to the consumers. You are right, my bad. This is no charity job, this is business, and I understand they have to follow a strategy and respect that. Just dont give me "MS or Sony LOVE! CARE! and LISTEN!" to their customers CRAP, because they "minimally" do.

techie4904d ago

People quit dissing and go play! Xbox live isn't perfect. It took a while for it have background downloading. And for me all this will be there when it launches in Europe so I don't give a [email protected] its not there already.

They are very swift about it and do listen to the consumer.

Should have stuff there from the begining aye? What like backwards compatibility of all the xbox games you have in your collection? That to me is a huge failing, because I have loads of games I want to play from last-generation and I dont want to have to have two systems under my tv.

Raist4904d ago

At least Sony's updates actually improve their system, they don't brick it :)

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Antan4904d ago

Quite a frank conversation, though im hoping for some big suprises at GDC from both Sony AND Microsoft.

HungPHAT4904d ago

I Hope they add a unified friends list , cross game invites , text and or voice massaging, keep your fingers crossed...........I think It will happen

GaMr-4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Updates: Its like getting a new console without having to get a new console.

Gotta love the fact that Sony can improve on there machine with a couple downloads as oppose to a new sku. Sheesh thank god. Not ready to buy a new console anytime soon. I want atleast 8 years out this bad boy without being pissed that the neighbor got the same exact console only with added hardware features cause he bought it at a later date. That would just burn my britches, then again like alot of people. Im the kinda guy that gets mad if I buy a 2007 model car and they change the headlights for 2008.

Torch4904d ago

Things just keep getting better and better fo' my Big Black Box!

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