Square Enix exec expects Sony market to take off in 2008.

The Square Enix president seems to have a lot of faith in the PS3. "We have expectations from the PS3. However, it's still early. For us to do business [on the platform], it will take a bit more time."

Wada expects a shift to the PS3 to begin first with a more pronounced shift to high definition television sets. "Once the television environment is in place, at last the true game business will form. I see the PS3 market taking off starting around 2008."

"Some journalists don't understand that there's a difference in the amount of time hardware takes to spread and have taken the tone of 'the world of high vision, high quality gaming has come to an end.' However, once you see the world of high vision, there's no going back."

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BIadestarX4893d ago

Why is that? Cause Final Fantasy comes out on 2008? I believe they are right, if this game does not save the PS3 nothing will. I may be buying a PS3 when this game comes out.

Shadow Flare4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

you make it sound like the ps3 is failing

even the 2 halos couldnt save the xbox bladestar, the supposedly best game ever. Along with forza and fable and PGR.

BIadestarX4893d ago

Actually No, it's because Square is saying it. Remember their last comment? "We don’t want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser" as far as square is concerned the PS3 success depends on them (I don't agree). And since Final Fantasy comes out on the PS3 on 2008 then it makes sense why they are predicting the PS3 will pick up on 2008.

silent ninja4893d ago

i think both ps3 and 360 will TRUELLY take off in 08. why? because if u think about it both systems will be alteast $100 cheaper and both will have bigger library to pick games from, games like GOW and RFOM will be 29.99 or cheaper

THAMMER14893d ago

That is what they are banking on.

CAPS LOCK4893d ago

lol bladestar,they are only saying this because of their game, but its a bit stupid to buy a game console because of one game, even though its halo...ask all the xbox fanboys...

THAMMER14893d ago

But I would not but Final fantacy for $1.00 =^p

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