PlayStation Now games for April: Outer Wilds, WRC 10, Journey to the Savage Planet

"Solve a galactic anomaly, tear up the racetrack, catalog alien fauna and play eco-warrior with April’s PlayStation Now lineup. Choose to tackle the Outer Wilds, drive your way to glory in WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, survive your Journey to the Savage Planet, or protect your lands in Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood from tomorrow, April 5, when the titles join PlayStation Now."

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yeahokwhatever534d ago

sweet. wrc is an excellent game.


10 Best Games Like Starfield to Play While You Wait

By Jason Monroe: Get ready to explore the galaxy, unravel space mysteries, and blow up some spaceships in our selection of games like Starfield.

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Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In December 2022 Updated To Add Nine More Games

Just like every month, Microsoft has updated the list of games that are leaving Xbox Game Pass by December 2022. Here are the nine games that are confirmed.

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MadLad276d ago

Outer Wilds is a great game, but it runs like crap on the Series S. Muddy, low resolution and a bad framerate. Definitely deserves/needs an update.

LucasRuinedChildhood275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

They released an updated version a few months ago on PS5 and Series X | S.

It now seems to be a locked 60fps on the S.

MadLad275d ago

Cool. Thanks for the info.
I mainly game on PC, but I travel a lot with my Series S.

Si-Fly275d ago

You should get a Steam Deck, way better to travel with lol

MadLad275d ago

I actually have a Steam Deck, which I do take with me on planes and all that, but I'm usually gone for at least a few days, so I like something that I can just hook up at the hotel and not worry about battery life.

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DivineHand125274d ago

I wish these subscription services would give more notice on this because I really wanted to play Scarlett nexus but just started elden ring. I guess I will have to pause Elden Ring and come back after I finish Scarlet Nexus


Outer Wilds (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Beyond being the new template with which I compare other time loop titles, Outer Wilds ranks among the greatest games I’ve ever played. Despite juggling psychics-driven space simulation, xenoarchaeology, time loops, unfettered exploration, first-person platforming, and puzzle-solving, everything congeals into a singular vision. By paring down any ancillary rewards like talent trees and exclusively focusing on acquired knowledge, every trial run grants an equal opportunity to unspool this tantalizing narrative yarn. When considered with its other great elements – art, music, sound design, thematic poignancy, and so on - it's all the more easy to appreciate how Mobius did the impossible: make the same 22 minutes feel timeless."

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coolbeans319d ago

Have to say it: one of the greatest games of all time.

coolbeans6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Responses like this make me appreciate the new owners lifting comment time restrictions. (Used to be 1 week before something was "too old" to comment on)