Evolution design team talks about Motorstorm

"Evolution have got a pedigree in racing games, and we like to think we know what's good and what's bad about them"

With the launch of MotorStorm, the off-road PS3 sensation developed by Evolution and published by Sony, getting closer, it was time to open up the forums for a live chat with several key members of the development team about the title.

On hand to answer questions were Simon Benson, producer, Nigel Kershaw, who was Senior Designer on MotorStorm and the Manager of all the other designers; Paul Rustchynsky, an integral member of the design team; and John McLaughlin, the SCEE associate producer.

While the forum was very free flowing and the questions covered a wide range of topics, here is what was gleaned during the conversation.

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HyperBear5709d ago

That was an intense interview. As soon as i joined in, which was right when it went Live, there were already 85 people in there waiting, and the max they could have on the list was 300. Luckily, I got one of my q's asked and answered, and although they never answered "Was it hard or easy to work with the Cell Processors,", they made it clear that they are PlayStation platform only team, and they couldnt say on how well the game might/might have not looked on other platforms. But still, I have a PS3, and im getting this, this is just awesome.

DJ5709d ago

This quote made me curious for a second "We also use most of the Blu-Ray disk (thank God it’s not a DVD)!" since there's 8 tracks in the game. Then I realized that there's like 5 or 6 variations of each track (weather, time of day) and 35 vehicles (which probably have track-specific textures for proper lighting). I could go on and on, but suddenly I'm starting to realize why they love Blu-ray for this title.

P.S. Can't wait to do the night races. =]

BIadestarX5708d ago

I agree with them since I am also a developer. Having extra space or having a system where you have more than what you need saves you from having to optimize your code or use compression technologies. I'm sure some developers will optimize their code but they are not required to. I just hope that developer take advantage of the extra space my adding more content to the games and not like they are doing now (using the extra space to store duplicates of games assets to improve the loading time on the games due to blu-ray limited read speed). So far game developers(specially 3rd party developers) are not adding more content to PS3 games over xbox 360, instead they are leaving features like online features out. If blu-ray wins and digital distribution is ignored I hope that developers don't continue this trend for the next generation consoles.

techie5708d ago

"using the extra space to store duplicates of games assets to improve the loading time on the games due to blu-ray limited read speed" - that was a myth - or it is used, but they use the same techniques for xbox360 dvd's. Oblivion makers stated it was an over exaggeration and was just for optimisation, not blu-ray limitations.

THE DRIVE IS THE SAME SPEED AS DVD - very slightly less compared to a single-layer dvd (name an xbox 360 game that uses single-layer) and faster compared to a double-layer dvd. So these 'limitations of blu-ray' are misunderstandings - 2x does not mean slower than 12x.

Captain Tuttle5708d ago

Could you explain this to me? I always hear this brought up in the fanboy wars and always thought that 12x is faster than 2x(seems to make sense). I'm not a tech guy though. Could you provide a link or go into more detail? Thanks.

MikeMichaels5708d ago (Edited 5708d ago )

...If you knew anything about game development you would know that compression is "always" used. What you said is just a typical no nothing fanbot respones to a positve bluray comment.

Its always faster to load up a small file then decompress it in memory than in is to load up one big file form a physical medium like an HDD or CD drive.

Go blow smoke up someone elses ass kid.

Raist5708d ago

BR drives simply have more bandwith than DVD drives. Just like DVD drives have more than CD drives. So you can't simply tell 12X is faster than 2X.

A single layer DVD being read by a 12X drive, that's about 16MB/s.
But for dual layers discs, the final average bandwith is about like the one for a 8X drive. So that's around 10.5~11MB/s.

a 2X BRD drive has a bandwith of 9MB/s. So the difference isn't that huge.

When a 12X dvd drive reads data from the 1st layer, it's faster than a 2x BRD drive. But it's slower on the 2nd layer.

techie5708d ago

Yes perhaps it wouldve been nicer to have a 4x blu-ray drive but I dont think they've even been able to make them yet. There are ways to get around things - it shouldnt be a problem anymore than using any physical drive is.

Captain Tuttle5708d ago

for clearing that up for me. I get it now.

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Master of Menace5709d ago

they said they could squeeze quite a bit more yet out of the PS3. Man that will be great.

techie5708d ago

I'd expect them to get a whole lot more out - like any console does over its lifetime. The growth of the ps2 graphics and physics has almost been a generation jump in itself - so expect the same to happen here - and maybe more so.

FirstknighT5709d ago

I'm a lil surprised that they had to use up all the blue ray for just 8 tracks. Day, night, rain, sunshine, etc... that shouldn't take much space at all. Many racers can do this and have more tracks. I seen about 4 tracks from the game and they dont look any bigger than most racers. I think this is a big blow to many fans who expected "more" from blue ray.

techie5708d ago

I'm guessing he's using 25gb single-layer. There's still 50gb double layer, 50gb single layer and 100gb double layer. And of course if they wanted they could use more compression techniques - I just think they didn't need to think about it so just put it all on.

DJ5708d ago

and the texture quality is very high. More space lets you use higher-quality assets, in addition to more of them (variation). There's a bunch of complex stuff like scripting and setups for destructible objects. Just like Deepbrown said, they're still on single-layer Blu-ray discs.

This is the best example I could find. Not only are the tracks in Motorstorm enormous in scope, even distant areas miles away that you'll never even race on are modeled in 3D. I guess they realized, just like the GT:HD team, that using flat skydomes doesn't work as well as real geometry.

THAMMER15708d ago

The onlie feature seems fun but I think PS3 fans would want to play with the every one who owns the game (ESPECIALLY JAPAN). Maybe Sony will get the online thing together.

I do not see this game selling too well. But we will see soon. Good times

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