Elden Ring is great but it's missing something that made Bloodborne better

Elden Ring lacks Bloodborne's sharp focus

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SullysCigar697d ago

Bloodbourne was an astounding achievement, especially given the hardware available compared to today's.

JEECE697d ago

Well it was designed around the same 2013 CPU Elden Ring is based on.

CrimsonWing69697d ago

It kind of weirds me out that people don’t realize Elden Ring is a last-gen game.

jznrpg697d ago

While based on same tech many they had years of knowledge with PS4 . It gives a lot of benefits to devs knowing all of the tricks with the hardware compared to early PS4 days when Bloodborne came out .

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SyntheticForm696d ago

I absolutely desire to see a remaster or a remake similar to Demon's Souls. I get that people are tired of retreading, but this is Bloodborne, dammit.

Blastoise697d ago

Bloodborne is just something special. Its art style, worldbuilding, and soundtrack are on another level. It could launch yesterday and still be a game of the year contender.

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KyRo696d ago

It's the only From Software game that I loved to the point of completion. Elden Ring lost me with the open world. I'm so bored of them. So many franchises have been ruined by forcing the open world aspect. I'm not saying ER is ruined because of the open world, it's just not for me personally.

Obelisk92696d ago

Elden Ring's open world is nothing like those generic and abused open worlds that have been around in the last years. Exploration is the most meaningful thing, and it constantly rewards the player for his curiosity. It's an incredible achievement.

CorndogBurglar696d ago

I agree with you, to an extent, but also agree with Obekisk92. I'm pretty sick of the open formula also. It's basically the same in every game, with the only real difference being how meaningful side quests are. That has kind of become the defining aspect in open world games, is how meaningful and varied the quests are.

But Elden Ring is...different. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just feels so different from your average open world game. It makes me want to uncover every little nook and cranny of the map. The enemy variation is astounding. The quest system is extremely different, sometimes to its own fault, but usually not.

I'm still playing Elden Ring and don't see myself getting tired of it any time soon.

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KyRo696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

@Snarky it's got nothing to do with being a Sony fanboy. Bloodborne was my fave from software game and I don't like open world's meaning ER probably ain't for me.

Maybe, stop being a twat on comment sections

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-Foxtrot697d ago

It just felt different from Dark/Demon Souls

It had a completely different theme and overall setting which separated it from what came before had it was fantastic

While I love Elden Ring the setting seems to go back to the fantasy themes of what we saw in Dark/Demon Souls…Knights, Dragons, Kings, Royalty, Medieval etc

Aussiesummer697d ago

The setting DOES go back to fantasy medieval.

Crows90697d ago

Nothing wrong with that I think. It's also their first foray into open world. So it's fine to play it safe.

goldwyncq697d ago

Elden Ring did what Bloodborne did with its Lovecraftian influence and applied it through a Medieval Fantasy lense.

H9697d ago

You sacrifice one thing to get another, the more linear you are the more focused you get, and the more open you are the less you get, if you ask me, what From software achieved with the world design and world building in a consistent fashion in Elden Ring is beyond incredible, it's not that far off their usual games

CorndogBurglar696d ago

It's really not. It's a little more forgiving, but the reason I say this is mostly because Sites of Grace are far more prevalent. There's a lot to be said about the difficulty of a game when you have more checkpoints. But when you enter into dungeons or castles it really does suddenly become a Dark Souls game. I look at it like the open world serves as an overworked that houses the different levels. Kind of like the church in Demon's Souls, where you went in and just warped to a level. Here, it's an open world, with all the bells and whistles and you have to find your quest next area.

Oh, and it's obviously much bigger that Dark/Demon's Souls. But at the end of the day, entering and playing through those areas (dungeons, castles, forts, etc) feels much like a normal Dark Souls game.

CorndogBurglar696d ago

The only thing ls that are less difficult in Elden Ring is how many check points there are, and the fact that you can earn health potions back by defeating a group of enemies.

I know a lot of people say that you can always just go grind easier enemies and level yourself up before trying difficult enemies, which is true, but you could do that in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodbourne also. All you had to do was go back to a level or area you already beat in those games and grind Souls. It's not like that was a new idea for Elden Ring.

SyntheticForm696d ago

Also, how you can literally gallop past certain bosses. With Dark Souls, you're not getting past an area until you defeat that boss. That's one thing.

While encounters are still difficult, being able to fight a boss, fresh, fully stocked with flasks, every time, without having to run the gauntlet to get back to it, is simply easier. Also, the Spirit Ash Summons.

Whether you want to call it a QoL improvement or whatever, the game is just downright easier to progress in than Dark Souls.