New Starfield Screenshots Give Us Another Look At An Early Build

Starfield is one of the year's most anticipated games. It is exclusive to Xbox and PC and will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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Jin_Sakai783d ago

This game is launching this holiday and we haven’t see a single ounce of gameplay. Hopefully soon.


Similar to Halo:Infinite MP, I think Microsoft plans to release the first few hours of Starfield at the end of their June show.

Jin_Sakai783d ago

Are they still having a show now the E3 is cancelled?


Just speculation on my end, but I see no reason why they wouldn't have a show sometime this summer. I wonder what MS is giving Geoff to reveal at Summer Games Fest.

Fishy Fingers783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

They said in Novemeber the gameplay reveal will be summer 2022.


This is just a few more shots from the 2018 build.

Obscure_Observer783d ago

"This game is launching this holiday and we haven’t see a single ounce of gameplay."

Not surprising at all for Bethesda fans. That´s just Bethesda MO. Look no further than Fallout 4 which official gameplay was revealed less than 5 months before launch.


I like the way MS is now holding on reveal gameplay of their games too soon, after Halo Infinite´s first gameplay fiasco.

BrainSyphoned783d ago

Forget Fallout 4 not being shown. I'm looking with 16 times the detail at Fallout 76 not being shown.

moriarty1889783d ago

They said they were going to show gameplay in summer of 22…….I wonder if that is still going to happen and if they have an actual show of their own to replace E3 which has been officially cancelled.

anubusgold783d ago

Bethesda has always done this when the game is 6 months away they do a reveal .

Palitera783d ago

Do you really believe the fake release date is the real one?

Profchaos782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

In all fairness Bethesda managed to keep fallout 4 under wraps. It's first anything was at its announcement a few months prior to its launch which it managed to hit without a delay.

I actually thought this would become standard for Bethesda a game announcement at E3 with a release date of that year it was quite a pleasant surprise.

MADGameR782d ago

Not to sound like a negative Nancy, but it WILL be delayed guarenteed. 6 months away and still nothing relevant.

Sayai jin782d ago

Bethesda has been known for not showing game play for their new games until around that dates E3 usual dates. So hopefully soon.

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CrimsonWing69783d ago

Why can’t you just show gameplay?

rakentaja783d ago

You should already know that Bethesda always shows the game 5-6 months before the release...not before.

anubusgold783d ago

Yep thats how they always do it.

brewin782d ago

Yeah I really like the way they handle it actually. There's not all this digesting drip feed bits of info for years. They release a couple of bits to build the hype and then blow the cover off 5 to 6 months before the game actually comes out. This is the way.

I am definitely looking forward to this one, one of my most anticipated games this year for sure, especially with Zelda out of the picture.

Obscure_Observer783d ago

"Why can’t you just show gameplay?"

Because they said back in november 2021 that gameplay will be revealed in summer 2022.

Why can´t you just wait?

CrimsonWing69783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

I know right!? How dare I ask to see some gameplay from a game announced in 2018? The nerve!

BrainSyphoned783d ago

I can just wait since I don't have to pay anything to play it. Just wondering if I need to schedule time off to play it or time off to burn everything I have Bethesda related.

S2Killinit783d ago

You DO know your credit card is being charged right? 😂

TimmyTesticles782d ago

Only reason would be that it's complete and total burning trash.

They'll just delay it for a decade or so. You don't release a game incapable of showing gameplay.

Bathyj783d ago

It's an information blowout.

CaptainHenry916783d ago

Might end up being the most overhyped game this generation

lelo2play783d ago

Cyberpunk takes the crown for that...

KeyAppearance783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

yep agree, don't think anything
will come close to that anytime soon, everyone I knew was trying to upgrade their PC years ago just to play that game.

FlavorLav01782d ago

For now…we’re still relatively early into this gen. Surely there will be other big flops.

badz149782d ago

Cyberpunk was last gen though...

anubusgold783d ago

No one is going to take that away from cyber punk