Elden Ring’s publisher wants to work with author Brandon Sanderson and he ‘has a Soulsborne pitch’

Bandai Namco sent a note to the author.

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Flawlessmic351d ago

Just finished this a few hours ago, officially my first FS game i managed to complete.

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headshotfrosty351d ago

Right behind you! Never thought it possible

IanTH351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Story takes a massive backseat to everything else in SoulsBorne games. I mean, I'm still not quite sure what they paid G.R.R. to do for Elden lol. Maybe there's some intangible there, I don't know, but it feels kinda like a waste of money to get these big named authors when the story isn't more prominent.

Teflon02351d ago

There's a story in Elden? Lol after 40 hours I couldn't tell lol. Thought it was just kill kill lol

outsider1624350d ago

Are all souls games like that? I mean no story progression?

Bladesfist351d ago

I find the story of the world really interesting in these games, the story of the character not so much. But the worldbuilding part is what G.R.R was doing, not the story for the game and I thought the world building was really good in Elden Ring.

H9351d ago

Martin wrote the backstory, like the world before the events of the game which is the most important part of every Miyazaki game, every bit of design of the world feels intentional to tell you something about the events that have transpired, but Of Course it's difficult to decipher all of it, if you watch Vaati for example, he will talk about before the game way more than during the game, and Martin definitely gave the world his touch in Elden Ring, and if you ask me that's way better than have him write the dialogue, writing for a different sort of media is difficult and he has no experience writing for a video game, so he did what he does best and FromSoft did what they do best!

DeathTouch351d ago

I feel like Bloodborne is the only really coehesive SoulsBorne game. All others are hit and miss. Elden Ring suffers more in this department because of the open world, I think.

VersusDMC351d ago

Going by the sales it was totally worth it to attach GRR name to the project.

You can say people are there for from software but sekiro sold less than Dark Souls 3. And while Darksouls 3 sold 10 million most of those sales are at a discount because it only sold 3 mil in the first 3 months.

Elden Ring has sold over 12 mil already. GRR brought the normies and made it mainstream. Whatever they paid him was worth or probably not enough even if he just handed in some words on a napkin.

EmperorDalek351d ago

The story doesn't take a backseat at all, it's vital to all these games. It's why the atmosphere is always top notch. If anything, the subtle approach to storytelling makes them more interesting.

IanTH350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Subtle storytelling, I suppose would have been a better term. I don't feel like Elden exactly stands out compared to previous Souls games in its atmosphere or subtle storytelling, and it is in that way I'm not sure what GRR did. It feels like it was more like "stunt casting", in a way.

I'm sure he added something, but was it worth whatever he costs? I'm curious. Especially when a writer, who is paid as much for what they write as the world they create, doesn't end up having to write much dialog. Would make more sense in a narrative heavy game, I'd think, but perhaps I'm wrong.

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jznrpg351d ago

I don’t know who he is but I’m in .

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