Halo Infinite developer concedes ‘the community is out of patience'

“There’s a lot of work to do and most of it is going to take more time than most want”

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SullysCigar358d ago

They might as well hold up content for the sequel at this point. It's all but dead by Halo standards.

AuraAbjure358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I wouldn't go that far. Sea of Theives had a remarkable turnaround after several huge updates. Same with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. All they have to do is add a toggle in the settings menu to turn off those detestable kill confirmed hit sounds and the game will be bonafide Halo. Hundreds of players, if not over one thousand players, have requested that feature over the years since H5 disgraced the planet. I have been counting.

mandf358d ago

Sea of thieves had nowhere to go but up

gamer7804358d ago

Sea of thieves is amazing now but halo is established and people expect more. I still consider halo unfinished and I won’t play it until coop is finished

MadLad357d ago (Edited 357d ago )


And they went very far up.
No Man's Sky was a joke when it released, and is now praised for the turnaround they did from this site.

neutralgamer1992358d ago

When Bungie left MS spared no resources to make sure a superteam developer was handling it. 343i has so many developers that led development teams before joining 343i. It's like a sports team full of superstars and no one wants to take a back seat. This is why Ms wanted Bungie back now it all makes sense

Just a thought

Since Bungie are still independent could they do a halo that comes out on PlayStation 😂 (I know not a chance that would melt fanboys 😂)

Shane Kim357d ago

The Halo IP is owned by MS, so no.

John_McClane357d ago

Takes about 10 seconds to get into a multiplayer match, that's hardly dead.

SullysCigar357d ago

Slow down. Finish reading the sentence, understand the context, then engage.

John_McClane357d ago

@SullysCigar Tell the truth and I won't call you out.

Godmars290357d ago

Know critical thinking is dead, but getting into matches seemingly way too easy when by inverse FF14's servers were so crowded Square STOPPED SELLING THE GAME should tell you something.

BrainSyphoned357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

@godmars FFXIV would love to have purchased extra servers and they tried to but the manufacturing shortages made it impossible. Conversely MS can buy anything whenever they want at whatever price is needed so comparing Sqaure's server issues to freaking Microsoft is a little...lacking in critical thinking. MS can have a packed game and have the space to support it regardless of play pop.

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Chevalier357d ago


"And they went very far up.
No Man's Sky was a joke when it released, and is now praised for the turnaround they did from this site."

Really?! Your comparing Halo which has 450 people from 343 and had 3 other studios including The Coalition working on Halo, literally over a 1000 people to No Man's Sky an indie studio that has 26 people on staff?!!

That's not just idiotic, it's disingenuous as well. What a terrible comparison. 343 literally had to delay this game a full year AND 5 months after launch is running dry on content. They don't have a clear road map for anything. How was this supposed to launch 17 months ago?! Just consider that for a second.

But yeah a huge studio that had 3 other studios help, 1000+ people work on it, now a year and a half almost and you'll makes excuses for them?! Lol. Talk about sad

S2Killinit357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

This is the gamepass future for you. Gaas and microtransactions. Keeping you engaged with garbage.

Orchard357d ago

But Sony are doing GAAS and some of the most egregious microtransactions without GamePass 🤔

S2Killinit357d ago

They are also doing what they always do, make games.

Knushwood Butt357d ago

'egregious microtransactions'

Are cat ears egregious?

Just want to understand the baseline here.

Orchard357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

@S2killinit Egregious MTX in a $70 game is far, far worse than the MTX in any GamePass game today.

And yes, Sony are making games - games with always online single player modes, tons of microtransactions and then pricing them at $70 🤦‍♂️

@Knushwood Cat ears are optional cosmetics, cars are not optional in a racing game.

S2Killinit356d ago

Lets get one thing very clear, you ARE paying for gamepass.

In fact, you are paying more with your gamepass for the same amount of gaming if you happen to buy anything outside of gampass.

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Notellin357d ago

My entire gaming circle revolves around the franchise. We all played LAN matches in high school and grew up with the series. We all still play online to this day.

We even have Wednesday night Halo night even though we live all over the world and have kids etc.

We aren't even touching Infinite on Wednesday nights. It's in a terrible place with the community.

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-Foxtrot358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

At the end of the day they knew what they were making, they knew they were going down the GaaS route with MT's and drip feeding content so why wasn't any of this planned out so you had content ready to give fans

It was rushed, simple as and 343 don't have a clue what they are doing with Halo these days

fr0sty358d ago

and with Sony having bought Bungie, MS blew the chance to return Halo to the hands that made it great, so this could be the beginning of the end of Halo.

annoyedgamer358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Bungie is also making GaaS, thats what Destiny is. And Sony is all in on GaaS also. The entire American industry is cratering itself.

Muigi358d ago

@annoyedgamer Lol yeah it’s an American thing…

--Onilink--358d ago

Return it to the hands that separated from MS so they could do something OTHER than Halo? Which also ended up being one of the most prominent GaaS games of the past generation? But also struggled for years to nails down the content drops and live service model?

Gamer75358d ago

Yet Bungie didn't want to make Halo anymore hence why they split with MS

358d ago
MadLad357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

A good amount of 343 is legacy Bungie talent, and Bungie went off to just make GaaS titles.

They haven't had a truly stellar campaign since they left with Reach.

Sony only bought them so they could continue as business as usual and assist on GaaS titles.

I really only care about Halo campaigns, and thought 4 was lackluster and barely cared to get past the early parts of Halo 5.

Infinite was a great return to form and might be the most fun I've had with a Halo campaign.
I don't have much stake in the multiplayer. I never really played it. Obviously they're not handling the new model well. That can be improved though.

Halo always had legs. I think it's silly to think they can't easily grow back their numbers if they can get their crap together.

Crows90357d ago

A bit of a difference with bungies so called gaas title.
It's actually extremely fun to play. The type of game it is and the history of the devs behind it make it very clear they will release new and exciting content. And there are no MTX requirements since all of the good stuff is earned in game.

What new halo content are we expecting? Co op has taken a backseat. The single player campaign is the most bland open world ever created. The multiolayer has a clear focus on getting you to spend money.

None of these things are anything like destiny.

Godmars290357d ago

Bungie left MS specifically because they didn't want to make Halo anymore. Why do you think they'd come back into the fold?

fr0sty357d ago

If Microsoft is doing this with their most beloved franchise, what does that mean for the future of Bethesda, Activision, Blizzard?

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Inverno358d ago

It was rushed even after delaying it. When you put greed over quality what you get is what all GaaS games have turned out to be over the last 8 years

aconnellan358d ago

I’m convinced that they knew they were going to ship an unfinished product, so they slapped ‘GaaS’ on it to buy themselves some time, like “oh it’s supposed to be like this because it’s a live service”

The facts are Infinite had twice the dev time yet fewer maps, modes, and features than any other Halo game, including 5 which was raked over the coals for its launch. Some of these features are just basic staples too, like co-op, forge, etc.

In a blog post today they said they know fans want a custom game browser - both in 5 and Master Chief Collection - and said they’re proud to announce that it’s in early production. Wtf?

I was fine with what launched because I the gameplay was so solid, but it became apparent really quickly that they had no plan set in stone for meaningful content deliver after launch.

To put into perspective, Season 2 will introduce 2 new maps to last the 3-month season - this means that, 9 months after launch, Infinite will still have fewer maps and modes than Halo 1

DarXyde357d ago

I suspect the plan was to have people in Game Pass and keep them subscribed via drip feeding new content. When they've recouped enough cost, you'll see content added more regularly. It's kind of like a game costing $70, but you keep people in the hook long enough until you've made back enough on subscribers totaling over that in subs, then you'll get more content. Seems to be working for them, though.

I don't play Halo. Could never get into it and believe me, I tried. That said, I wonder how instructive what's happening will be with the future of the franchise. I think the game will eventually meet everyone's expectations, but you'll need to wait for it (or move on).

Abear21358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

It limped onto console and can of course recover, but I feel like they had to put it out incomplete and Gaas business model was the only option. It just so happens M$ chose to turn Xbox’s biggest game into the biggest money grab possible. $ay what you want about $ony, prolly be a minute until God of War turns Gaas. This is why Gamepass value rings halo, sorry hollow, to me—M$ did the same with Flight Sim, delayed it on console to milk the pc pay for planes model. Typical M$.

frostypants357d ago

Amazing that the metacritic user score is still so high. Pretty clearly some manipulation happening.

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Kaii358d ago

Bonnie Ross & probably the studio in question aren't right for the job, step BACK and look at everything they've done.
Founded: July 2007 > 343 Industries was eventually given complete control of the Halo franchise including servers and data on March 31, 2012.

Infinite should've been the flagship Xbox title & yet It's got 5.5k avg daily users (based on steam charts) I'ma C/P YT comment because it basically nails the point of what this game has failed to deliver in 5 months.
Has no custom games
Has only 7 4v4 maps and 3 BTB maps
Is missing classic modes like shotty snipes
Has no forge
Has no co-op
Has no firefight

corporate manipulation, this isn't just 343, It took public backlash for the devs to cite the "backlash" as reasoning to cutback on the store crap, You can praise gamepass all ya want, MS need for greed has obviously tainted this Halo title.

AuraAbjure358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

It's to be expected in our capitalistic society. It just sucks because Halo is special. The Master Chief is Microsoft's Kratos, and while I hear Infinite's campaign was good, last time I checked, it's the multiplayer that keeps Halo hot. Even before Xbox live came along, Halo's multiplayer is what kept the game hot until Halo 2 rocked Earth.

It sure as shit doesn't help there's no co-op.

Crows90357d ago

This has nothing to do with capitalism. All to do with bad choices and fans not pushing for more.

Everyone was praising the game to the high heavens when it released. Even though it released unfinished and the singleplayer open world is awful.

kneon358d ago

5.5k, is that for real? The recent new raid in Destiny 2 had about 550k people try it the first weekend. And that is just a subset of the active player base.

AuraAbjure358d ago

Nahh. People liked God of War 2018. IGN even awarded it best game of all time.

Crows90357d ago

And the majority of AAA Sony games are similarly praised. And also not released unfinished.

frostypants357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

@Crows90 er...GT7? Granted you said majority, but it was the most recent and it was pretty clearly not finished. Doesn't even have a legit career mode yet.

anast358d ago

They had one game to make, one. This is an Xbox staple and one of the 3 1st party titles from Xbox that actually matters and they couldn't even get this one right. This is high levels of W...T....F.

Crows90357d ago

You know I still remember playing halo 5 mutliplayer and enjoying what they did. They went all out in their idea and created some fun modes.

As far as the dashing around I thought that was cool and interesting. Also made for some strategic play.