Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Multiplayer is an Utter Disaster at Launch

What ever happened to normal releases?

SinisterMister814d ago

What ever happened to normal releases? Well, they went down the drain.

moriarty1889814d ago

Gaming is going down the drain as of late. This gen is off to a terrible start imo. So many franchises want to go the route of GAAS and it is ruining them. Broken games at launch or bare bones content. The days of complete games day one are pretty much gone sadly.

SinisterMister814d ago

You're right, but let's hope you're not.

Shuckylad814d ago

Totally agree. I play so many games on my pc from the ps3/xb360 era still. So many great games that still play well and are pretty much bug free. Todays games just seem to launch and take 12-18 months before they’re worth playing.

Inverno814d ago

They'll fix it in the next update, bruuuh. /s

What started as a great new feature to further fix any problems that may have slipped past, and add new content, has turned into poison for the industry. I miss the days of obsessing over 1 multiplayer game and then playing that religiously. With so many paywalls now and purchasable advantages, what's the point. Can't even play some of the better GaaS-less multiplayer on PC cause they've been left to hackers.

Yui_Suzumiya814d ago (Edited 814d ago )

That's why I got into visual novels and only play on my Switch OLED anymore. I think Starfield is the only thing that could get me into conventional triple A gaming again. I spend a majority of my free time just watching anime. I've already completed 45 shows just this year alone.

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Michiel1989814d ago

5 people having the same issues doesnt mean utter disaster, its actually quite few people complaining relatively. It works fine for me.

Christopher814d ago (Edited 814d ago )

I don't even play MP but their online services go down very regularly with messages popping up regularly about disconnecting and then reconnecting to shift. This happens the most during peak PDT.

gold_drake814d ago

not just the multiplayer, the single player has some issues too lol

on-brand for a bodetlands game unfortunately. or a 2k game.

Trunkz814d ago

Places like EA have found this route to make them the most money these days.

- Create ideas off little feedback from community
- A Team creates base content ASAP
- ASAP creates sloppy work broken release so hire cheap programmers after launch to fix/add content
- Once the game no longer makes X money a month, cut off support and repeat cycle on the next game

That's why 2042 is trash, no only did they use this method, but they changed the scope of the project part way through from a stupid BR hero game to what we have now so it's beyond worse than what it normally would be.

Expect the next BF game to meet what the community wants (say Bad Company 3), but executed poorly in order to get in the 2023 launch since no CoD Competition that year, very little BF fans will pre-orde


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