Elden Ring's Hidden Age of Absolute Ending Finally Gets Discovered

Elden Ring's Age of Absolute ending has been a point of discussion since the game's launch, and it has finally been discovered.

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esherwood428d ago

Elden rings awesome but no idea how anyone completes the quest lines without googling them. Like the ranni one, how the hell you know you’d supposed to go to some remote place on the map and snap your fingers to further it?

thecodingart428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Snap your fingers to further it? If you’re being literal, this is not something that had to be done.

Name Last Name427d ago

I think he means snapping your finger to have Blaidd drop from the roof in Mistwood. But you can skip that and go straight to Ranni to meet him.

thecodingart427d ago

Ah, you’re right. Basically starting this quest line

frostypants427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I mean snapping your fingers in Mistwood wasn't hard to figure out because the NPC where you get the emote tells you to do it where you hear howling in Mistwood.

thecodingart427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

@frosty Unfortunately, people want a bit more of a guiding hand at times and don’t fully absorb the context or even pay attention to the dialogue.

Name Last Name427d ago

right, but you need to randomly decide to visit that merchant to talk to him about the howling. You may not ever need to visit him again.

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kikicub428d ago

Somebody figured it out to be able to write the guide. Some people have way to much free time and spend an absurd amount of time playing the game.

Picture it, they spend hours going through every wall hitting it to see if there is an invisible one, snapping their fingers, etc.

Since you seem to have a life, you need to Google it. I google things too, I don't have time to spend that many hours trying random things 😁

TricksterArrow428d ago

The people discovering that some walls need to be hit 50 times to break... How... Why...

kikicub428d ago

@TricksterArrow: seriously, these people go around hitting everything. And notnonly.once or twice, but there's a 50-hit invisible.wall that...well, someone must have smoked way too much

-Foxtrot428d ago

I’m not asking for an easy mode or to turn it into a “Ubisoft style game” like I know people will react but a small tiny quest log in the menu would have been nice just to tell or at least hint at a possible direction or action

CrimsonWing69428d ago

Nawwww this reminds me of how games used to be in the early 90s where we’d go out to recess and someone would be like, “Did you know?” And it’d sound like total BS until you try it. I think in a way this also gives it replay ability. Like, people will be discovering things to come. I know there’s a couple quests not even the wiki knew how to finish like the dude in the fort or the daughter of the round table guy.

It’s very Simon’s Quest feeling and I wouldn’t want them to change it.

gangsta_red428d ago

I agree, I don't mind no hand holding, but at the same time I need somewhat guidance when playing on such a huge map.

Even in the menus if there was a log of ongoing quests, would be helpful especially for a game where it's easy to get side tracked

-Foxtrot427d ago


Would it really hurt anyone? I mean the difficulty is still the same, its basically letting you keep tabs on what quests you've started and which ones you haven't accidentally cancelled out

If you mess up a quest line then the game doesn't tell you, the least they could do is let you know so you don't waste time trying to do something you've already failed a few hours back.

Free time is precious, do you really want to wander for hours trying to finish someone's quest only to find out you've failed. Most people use guides online anyway because of how vague the missions are so it's not like everyone finds things out themselves, if they tell you that then they are most likely bullshit liars.

MrBaskerville427d ago

If atleast we could get a log of notes related the quest, like a journal or something.

gurp427d ago

I agree, I had no idea where to go for a lot of the game
some kind of quest log would help

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428d ago
VerminSC428d ago

You don’t have to. I met Blaid for the first time at the boss fight. Also I believe the merchant who gives you the snap tells you exactly where to use it.

jeromeface427d ago

want a casual game? go play one.. there's plenty. FROM doesnt hand hold... even with quests

ChubbyBlade427d ago

You don’t need to snap. It’s just a bonus for extra dialogue. The quest continues without doing it

Cid33427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

a merchant tells you to go there and snap your finger heck he even gives you the snap fingers emote. and other tips come from come from merchant notes you buy. i did it without any guide. just pay attention

lonewolf10427d ago

If you mean to meet Blaidd, then you are giving a clue where to do it when you get the emote.

Bobertt427d ago

That's not necessary for Ranni's quest and the merchant literally tells you to use it when you hear a wolf howling in Mistwood.

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HeliosHex428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

I have a theory that when these games are finished one or more individuals from the company release guides to friends and or certain YouTube streamers in secret just to make it look like it's simple to do if you try. But there's nothing simple and I don't believe certain random people just decided to go to a certain spot in a forest and decided to just snap their fingers to make blaid appear. That's just not possible not without a wiki or inside well as the many other crazy ways of finding things in this game. The quest system is so abstract so interconnected that it would be too easy to mess up and lock yourself out of the best ones without a guide that starts with insider info.

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Atom666428d ago

Many years ago, I used to game with some guys who wrote a few Prima guides. They would have to work with the dev teams before release to get the guides published so early.

I'm sure there is some of that today. But between SM, youtube, Discord, etc., these things probably occur in real time just by the sheer size of the bigger gaming communities.

sinspirit428d ago

Kale literally tells you to look for the howling in the Mistwood Forest and snap your fingers when you're closest, and then gives you the finger snap emote. You have to pay attention to what characters tell you because it's not a Skyrim, skip dialogue, and go to the marker and read the quest page system.

HeliosHex427d ago

@sinspirit he doesn't tell you where to exactly snap your fingers and the howling doesn't pinpoint where to exactly stand and snap your fingers.

ChubbyBlade427d ago

lol ok. Most people have no trouble getting through these games. It’s this thing called “paying attention”. The NPCs literally tell you where to go

HeliosHex427d ago

@chubbyblade you can pay attention all you want and still be lost about where to continue certain quest. The npc often give you obscure hints and it's not always obvious where to go. That's fact.

goldwyncq427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

FromSoftware games are known for their convoluted sidequests, some which are difficult to complete because they don't give you any hints at all as to an important character's whereabouts required to progress. I don't think 1% of the player base even finished Millicent's sidequest without consulting a guide.

ChubbyBlade425d ago


No they literally tell you what to do.

“I’m looking how to get into Nokron, it’s right there but I can’t seem to find a way in!”

The exact quest this person is talking about.

Tapani427d ago

@HeliosHex, it's not a random location in the forest, there's literally a glowing candlefork thingie that is very easy to see in the forest if you just explore a little bit. If you use it, the there's an actual guide person who takes you to the ruins. The Wolf makes sound there consistently, and if you just look up you'll see him. Once you go back to the merchant at the beginning of the game, he will tell you the story about the wolf and gives you an emote and says that you can use it to call him down. The whole guide is in the game! Stop googling or watching youtube guides, listen to what the game characters say and give you in the game itself!

I literally just followed logic that was introduced in the game to speak to the character, and eventually without knowing all the steps, finished Ranni's quest line. If this kind of thing is not for you, then play something else, I don't want them to change anything. They don't need to either, as Elden Ring sold 12M copies in three weeks.

HeliosHex427d ago

@tanpani for the record its ok to not like the way some aspects of a game are laid out, it doesn't mean the games not for you. I love elden ring but simply hate the quest system. It's too abstract. I don't consider myself an idiot because I seemingly lack the logic needed to finish certain quest. Though iam sure many would love to think so and claim the quest here are so simple. I call bs on everyone here and would bet you all hit up a guide at some point in this game because your logic didn't match the developers logic. No one wants to admit it that's fine. But I know you all did.

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EmperorDalek428d ago

It's not hidden, it was scrapped. Clickbait.

EmperorDalek427d ago

Actually, it was just confirmed by the creator that it was an April Fools joke. Got me good.