News update - 16th December (Playstation HOME)

TedTheDog from EU community forums said a patch will be released today to fix the connecting issues and more.


Sorry, it should been Thursday, not today. Thanks to WobTwueman!

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LokMessier4693d ago

"We'll be patching Home this Thursday and part of this change will be the first step in tackling the connection issues that you'll know as C-931 errors."

Thank you, hopefully this will help those that are still having some trouble with getting in Home and perhaps may alleviate those who suddenly get disconnected from the server.

Socomer 19794693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

now maybe i can try once to log on instead of twice.

on a serious note, when i go to my japanese account, i always freeze when visiting the siren space. Maybe im not supposed to be there, idk?

Lucreto4693d ago

Thats good to hear. I have to try up to 15 times before I can connect. Lucky I am a patient person.

Lucreto4693d ago

Why the disagrees. I was just mentioning I was haveing problems. I have been trying in the evening when traffic was high.

SL1M DADDY4692d ago

Some folks here use it as a testament to their experience being different. If they have never had the problems you have they hit the disagree. It's nothing personal and to be honest, I ignore the disagree all together.

DERKADER4693d ago

All i ever wanted from my PS3 was a cross game multi person dedicated private chat like my 360 so i can talked to my friends no mater what i'm playing. Home needs to be better incorporated with the games and multiplayer. Also there is no party feature so when ever you want to follow some one into a room you can't just follow them trough the door you have to make sure they're a friend and then once they have reached the room to press the go to option under friends. When i first hoped on home i was impressed then 10 min later after i had seen everything and played with every option i was very disappointed. When you do start a private chat/phone call the only way to speak is to hold down R2 with i find annoying during private chat, R2 should only be used for voice when in public. No trophies,no party system, no game launching, nothing to buy, limited private chat, so just run around dance.

aiphanes4693d ago

Post you good ideas in the open beta feedback or suggestions for home threads...

Come on not be scared! Do you even have a PSN account? The official Playstation forums are tied to you real PSN account. Why are you scared?

Please post it there because it in a good idea...

Darkseider4693d ago

I just can't wait until all the spaces and all the features from the "regional" Homes come to all Homes. Granted each should have its' own flavor as far as the overall design of the theatre, bowling alley, mall, etc.. but the custom areas etc.. should be made available globally.

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