Horizon Forbidden West - An Update Regarding Visual Issues

Guerrilla on Reddit: "Hello everyone,

Thanks for all of your Support Form submissions and videos while we have been investigating reports.

Our Content and Rendering teams have been hard at work to address the image quality issues that some of you have been experiencing. These issues were especially visible on certain TV’s in the jungle areas of the game. As the issues that present themselves are highly dependent on the brand and make of the television, the team is extremely thankful for all the help our community has provided in guiding them in their search.

Through our patches, we’ve implemented a series of fixes designed to reduce the issues."

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NecrumOddBoy357d ago

The .0009 patch also cleaned a few more of the residual flowers stuck on the map and also apparently added a few pieces of lore I scanned but didn’t unlock in my menu. The subtle improvements are making this journey rock. Almost 80hrs and only 57% complete. Much more to do!

Aloymetal357d ago

''The .0009 patch''
I saw that and your p.pic and thought about the patch being HAL 9000 lol;)

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Starman69357d ago

Still cannot get into this game! 😫

lellkay357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

The game is awesome and i'm 85 hours in and feel like i've got loads of content to do still, but i'm stuck playing Fidelity mode which was never the plan.

Really can't believe it's a month and they haven't fixed this. Part of me thinks the game never targeted 60fps, but when they saw the stats of players playing and wanting the 60fps modes in other PS5 games they makeshifted the performance mode together, and removing the AA was the only way to get it stable.

Gardenia357d ago

Good thing they give advice on the best TV setting. I bet a lot of gamers have their TV setup totally wrong.

jambola357d ago

Still nothing about the forces handholding and commentary? :/
Getting told how to use the focus 30 hours in is pretty awful

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