Horizon Forbidden West - Patch 1.09

Guerrilla on Reddit: "Hello everyone,

Patch 1.09 is available now! Please take a look through the Patch Notes listed below, and ensure your game is up-to-date before jumping back in.

** Please note that some patch notes may contain SPOILERS!**"

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anast354d ago

I heard there was a lot of pop-in on this game. Has it been taken care of, yet? I'll get it once this issue is resolved.

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z2g354d ago

That’s what I’m hoping for. It’s a beautiful game but the amount of pop in I experience detracts from it and honestly I’m a bit surprised by it. Hoping it gets addressed (I haven’t tried this patch as of now). I’m playing on the ps5 version btw and have experimented in both “prioritize framerate” and “prioritize resolution” but it’s the same on both.

LiViNgLeGaCY354d ago

That sucks, sorry to hear. Looks like it depends on the player, as I've had very little pop in.

anast354d ago

Thanks for the reply. I'll pick it up soon if they get it sorted out.

Andy_Dee354d ago

I have it on PS5 and I had it like two times, after that never to be seen again!

Wonderful game, maximizing this easily. Fantastic game to get immersed in!

Storm23354d ago

My play through was just over 90 hours playing on hard to get the platinum. Loved it. A little slow to start then thought it was fantastic. Great, beautiful game. No problem with the pop in. Didn’t detract from the game much at all.

z2g354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

uhhh.... theres pop in. i'm 40 hours in at this point and i see it. its pretty hard to miss. its not like its ruining the game or the visuals overall but to say its not there is just not true. you even see it in the opening cinematics, and in the arcs of old remnant machines when you first enter the "forbidden west", but considering open world game forza horizon 5 has ZERO pop in with the world coming at you at 100 mph on series x, i feel a similar solution/capability should be available for HZD on ps5.

people can (and will) disagree with me and hate that i mentioned fh5 on *gasp* xbox, but its true. I want the problem to be solved the best it can be solved so it makes the game just that much more polished. its ok to recognize imperfections and still hold a favorable opinion of something. Objectivity. lets try it out.

if you guys don't believe me, DM me an email or a social media account privately and I'll share some captures with you that do in fact have pop in.

Storm23354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I didn’t say there was no pop in. I said I had zero problems with pop in. And the games are different. All the foliage responds to Aloy. Nothing like that for a racing game

northpaws354d ago

there are some glitch here and there, doesn't stop it from being the most beautiful game I have ever seen though. The textures are INSANE!

S2Killinit354d ago

I think how amazingly gorgeous this game is didnt dawn on a lot of people who bought into smear campaigns like “its just as good on PS4” or “‘a lot’ of pop in”. But what I’m seeing is a game that is unmatched in its visuals. Seriously, unmatched.

andy85354d ago

100+ hours and I barely noticed much of it to be honest. Certainly nothing off-putting

Charlieboy333354d ago

Are you playing Edlen Ring? Because the pop-in in that is 100 times worse......from the damn grass right in front of you to shadows and everything in between. So if that is acceptable to you then the very much less noticable and infrequent pop-in of Horizon shouldn't bother you. Plus it has improved a lot with the updates.

anast353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

They are different art styles and different games. Cyberpunk pop in was just as bad as Elden Ring, but to me it seemed worse on Cyber Punk because of the art style.

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Aloymetal354d ago

I'm on PS5 and the shimmering still there, not as bad as before but still noticeable. Good thing Guerrilla is on top of this issue.
''We are currently looking into several issues reported by the community. Please note that these issues are not yet fixed in this patch, but our teams are aware of them and they’re being investigated.

The team continues to make tweaks to the game's content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering.''

anast353d ago

Yeah, I'm not into shimmering. Hopefully they get it worked out because the first game was almost flawless and I kind of expect that from GG.

Aloymetal353d ago

I feel you, something weird is going on with the performance mode, I think it has to do with the 1800p upscaling/AA and checkerboard.
It's not just a rendering engine issue, it's a content issue. Main problem is that HFW has a lot of really small, moving geometry, while being rendered at a sub-native resolution and upscaled. The AA solution just can't catch and resolve it consistently, so it shimmers.
Most games don't have this issue (or, rather, it isn't as noticeable in other games) because they're doing nowhere near the amount of small geometry HFW is doing.

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andy85354d ago

Ahhh finally got my 100%!

Aussiesummer354d ago

Lucky I’m too immersed in elden ring at the moment, by the time I finish it this game should be pretty much sorted.