New Games with Gold for April 2022

News wire - It’s time to announce the April Games with Gold lineup! On the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, explore a steampunk world in Another Sight, and unlock a word of colors in the platform puzzler Hue.

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darthv72426d ago

MX vs ATV is always fun but otherwise meh.

CobraKai425d ago

I wonder if the PS+ monthly games will start looking like this after the new tiers arrive

crazyCoconuts425d ago

Hoping not since it seems to still be a part of their long term pricing plan. Feels like Gold is getting phased out, dunno

peppeaccardo425d ago

With $75 in value and 3200 in Gamerscore. What about just one game valued at $50 BUT enough good to be actually playable? Quantity over Quality ... usual MS !

MadLad425d ago

You want quality? Get Gamepass.

Otherwise, just like Playstation, you're getting fleeced by having the luxury of using your own internet to play online.

Oh, and here's some games we got for dirt cheap to make it feel less like a scam.

lodossrage425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

If you want some sense of ownership, stick with Games with Gold

And if I remember correctly, aren't Microsoft the ones that started the whole getting fleeced by having the luxury of using your own internet to play online? Hell, most of MS base was ok with paying to play online and get nothing in return until the tailend of the 360 era when GWG first started.

Everyone keeps singing gamepass praises over PS Plus or GWG, but nobody likes to speak on the face that when gamepass games leave the service, you have to buy them if you still want to play them. At least with PS Plus and GWG you still have them in your library to grab even after the games are swapped out monthly.

But then again, people are slowly becoming more and more accepting of companies telling them they shouldn't have any sense of ownership at all so I'm not too shocked.

MadLad425d ago (Edited 425d ago )


I'm 30 years old and Xbox did that when I was ten.
Stop living in the past.
All console companies followed, and offered weaker services going forward at that time. They're not better now.

Maybe not so much blame Xbox, and more blame other companies for following. Nobody forced anyone to buy an Xbox.

lodossrage425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

@ TheRealTedCruz

I'm older than you and I'm not sure where you're getting this "living in the past" notion when things that happened in the past have relevance to the current times.

And as for weaker/better, that's debatable. Better in terms of what?

And yes, I do blame Xbox for consoles ushering in the pay to play online idea because they marketed it heavily as "paying for it makes it better", in turn, customers accepted that, and the other two followed suit because of the money to be made.

It's the same way I blame Sony for customers sense of entitlement. Ever since Sony started PS Plus and giving away games on the cheap, customers have come to expect more and more while paying as little as possible, which in turn, made other companies follow suit.

Nobody "forces" anyone to "do" anything. But the reality is good, bad, or indifferent, if it shows profit others will copy.

CobraKai425d ago

I gave up on games with gold. Used to be decent to good. Now it’s mostly throw away. I’m not a fan of Game Pass either. Being an older family man with a demanding job doesn’t make Game Pass worth the money I spent each month. Games I started are now gone. RPGs like Outer Worlds, I coulda just bought the disc. Then again, I’m not a fan of streaming video services either.

Sayai jin425d ago

GWG has been sub standard for while now. They need to offer better games or merge it with regular game pass at no additional charge.

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