Sons of the Forest Release Date Delayed to Late 2022

Endnight Games has announced a Sons of the Forest release date delay, pushing back the launch of this open-world survival crafting game to late 2022.

Tristan1982551d ago

Fingers x this is to make a PS5 version

MadLad551d ago

That's up in the air.

The vast majority of the game's sales came from PC, and I somewhat recall one of the developers coming out and saying the support they had on Playstation barely justified the work they did on the port.

MeteorPanda550d ago

to be fair, they had released the game on pc as early access way before ps4 if l recall. Also the controls were kinda whack at the start. l remember having my entire wall in ps4 being built piece by piece cause the slider just refused to work.

Personally i'd still get it on PC over ps5 cause mouse keyboard just worked better for the original game

MadLad550d ago


Of course.
I was an early adopter.

My point being just that it did pretty well on PC, but then you have a developer coming out and straight saying that even porting it to Playstation barely justified the time, manpower, and funds for doing it.

It probably soured the idea of doing it a second time for this IP.

thejigisup550d ago

I would be extremely happy to have a ps5 version to play. Simultaneous release for pc and ps5 will definitely help the adoption rate and I really put in hundreds of hours in the first game on ps4.


One Console's Features Would Be a Game-Changer for Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest delivered a fun and frightening experience on Steam, and its horror could strike even deeper with one console's unique features.

The case could be made for an even scarier experience, and with the title having not yet been released on consoles, its next iteration could deliver a much more immersive experience.

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SullysCigar139d ago

Sons of the Forest is already pretty scary, but I agree, if they implemented features like that it would be so much better. Some of those new console features are game changing this gen.

S2Killinit139d ago

It can only be the PS5’s sense controller or PSVR2.

SullysCigar139d ago

PSVR2 would bring a new level of horror for this game - just like it does for Resident Evil games.

S2Killinit139d ago

True, RE8 is a whole different game in VR.

porkChop139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Considering Sony are releasing their games on PC now they should really offer a proper bluetooth driver for using the DualSense on PC. One that lets you use the haptics and adaptive triggers. It makes no sense not to as it would give PC players a reason to buy a DualSense for PC.

dadavis1992139d ago

YES. It drives me crazy that you gotta plug it in to use those features

S2Killinit139d ago

I think Sony is more a console focused company. Therefore they will want to incentivize more people to buy consoles. Being a console gamer, I like that about them.

porkChop139d ago

I understand what you're saying but people aren't going to give up the benefits of PC gaming and buy a console just for some cool controller features. If you're selling the games on PC you should allow your customers to play the games the way they were meant to.

S2Killinit138d ago

I get you, but I disagree. I think where consoles have the edge they stand to benefit to preserve that advantage. I also game on Pc, and love the games I do play on PC (specifically strategy games), but I want consoles and PC to remain separate and distinct.

MadLad138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

PC is literally just an open platform that gives options.
The only thing consoles offer is gatekeeping.


So again. PC is an open platform. Console is a closed one. There's nothing a PC can't do that a console can, outside of Gatekeeping. Console tech is just glorified off the wall PC parts. Pretty much everything a console does can be forced on PC.
Quit with the console hardware and have the big three sell themselves purely on their games. Let the gamers choose what parts they use and performance they want.

S2Killinit138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Not sure what you mean by gatekeeping. But you prove what I just said. If consoles only offer gatekeeping, then they stand to keep their tech (which they developed) to themselves, no?

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potatoseal139d ago

You would think it would be in the works surely. Hmm

jznrpg139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

It says PS5 with haptics 3D sound and obviously VR with PSVR2 with those same features.

138d ago

Sons of the Forest update adds action cam, the ability to find bunker locations and more

Endnight Games has released a substantial update for Sons of the Forest which adds some new features, fixes multiple bugs, and makes plenty of improvements.


Sons of the Forest: 10 Best Tips and Hacks for Ultimate Survival

BLG writes, "These ten Sons of the Forest tips can help you on your journey.

Surviving in the Sons of the Forest can be a challenging and demanding experience, but using the right tools and skills can increase your chances of survival. There are plenty of ways to make your adventure much more effortless and funnier. And what you choose to do on your first few days in Sons of The Forest will affect the rest of your gameplay."

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