A Memoir Blue Review | TechRaptor

TR's James Bentley - "A Memoir Blue is an interesting, emotional journey with a great atmosphere to go alongside it. Even though the story demands a little more time, the journey is worth it."

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MadLad544d ago

I've been really enjoying.
I play a lot of taxing RPGs, so I enjoy experiences like this as a bit of fresh air.


A Memoir Blue (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "If nothing else, Cloisters Interactive leverages its pleasant aesthetic and soundtrack in some interesting ways. The problem is the experience surrounding them is metaphorically gasping for air. The minimal gameplay in this interactive poem oftentimes feels inserted without rhyme or reason. And though the condensed narrative has some visually evocative moments, the ebbs and flows feel too safe and predictable. When it’s said and done, A Memoir Blue's earnest aspirations feel undone by shallow execution."

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A Memoir Blue Review - Going Under | COGconnected

A Memoir Blue is an artistic, point-and-click puzzle game about a woman's relationship with her mother and her past.

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A Memoir Blue is an interactive poem on Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Neil writes: "There's been some serious hype surrounding A Memoir Blue, the latest interactive poem to arrive on PC, console and Game Pass. The wait for the delights it brings does however stop now, as the game arrives on all formats."

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