Rune Factory 5 Review | TechRaptor

TR's William Worrall - "Rune Factory 5 does a few things differently that'll interest long-time fans of the series. The jank and slight annoyances with farming will turn most newcomers away though."

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Best Simulation Game of 2022

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Part of the joy of video games is leaving the regular world behind for a while and playing make-believe. And no other genre allows that fantasy more thoroughly than simulation. In the year 2022, players had plenty of simulation fantasies from which to pick. They could scout talent, manage finances, and guide a Formula 1 team to glory in F1 Manager 2022. Or, they could start a power washing business from their garage in PowerWash Simulator and wash their troubles away with odd jobs around the town of Muckingham. Alternatively, they could take a ranger post in the charming seaside town of Rigbarth, grow crops, fight monsters, and get married in Rune Factory 5. They could even build the university of their dreams in Two Point Campus."

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Amazon Slashes Up To 73% Off On Select Games

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon is offering up to 73% off on a wide variety of good select titles for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gamers right now, ranging from action-adventure to RPG, shooter, and more, including recent releases!"

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shinoff2183520d ago

Wish the oddworld collection got released on ps4. I'd buy that disc in heartbeat


Best Early Black Friday UK Deals - Nintendo Switch Games

Rune Factory 5, Cuphead, and Mario + Rabbids are just some of the Early Black Friday UK deals you can purchase now.

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