Elden Ring Paves Way for New Breed of Open-world Games

Open-world games are increasingly bloated with filler and headache-inducing HUDs. Elden Ring has a solution, developers take note

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H9557d ago

This is what we wish for but it isn't the case, Breath Of The Wild and Elden Ring sell so well because they are excellent games with big names but if they were slightly of lower quality they wouldn't sell near enough, meanwhile the Ubisoft formula is insanely popular because it is insanely casual, screaming against Ubisoft and assassin's Creed happens daily yet Ubisoft is a resident in the top 5 best selling games of the year list and then any assassin's Creed copy like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon get praised to heaven by people who hate on assassin's Creed (which shows you that assassin's Creed isn't hated, people just want a less lazy Assassin's Creed game), And when you consider that these games are easier to nake, you don't have to carefully design a world and quests, you just copy paste everything, and sell big time, how on earth do you think Elden Ring will pave a way to new Breed of open world, the same thing was said after Breath Of The Wild and almost no game learned from it, because it is hard to make and wouldn't sell as well unless it's superb in quality!

Olly_S557d ago

Hey man if you’re gonna comment be nice if you could approve the thing :)

SurgicalMenace557d ago

Ghost and Horizon are Assassins Creed clones? News to me. Breath of the Wild is groundbreaking? In who's world? Honestly, when there's no storyline there's no need for quest markers because there's no order. "Letting you play in whatever order" can't hide the shear laziness behind not developing a story. BotW was the laziest Zelda yet but Nintendo knew the name alone would sell it. All the other games you mentioned have gripping stories and developed characters which add a layer of development that BotW skipped.

philm87556d ago

Breath of the Wild just seemed empty to me and lacked character. Still good, but I prefer an open world game with lots of great stories and lore to discover.

H9556d ago

Horizon and Ghost had repetitive mission structure that emphasizes doing the same thing over and over again and exploration is deeply limited because every side mission is nothing more than a task to finish, meanwhile their stories were nothing more than your generic story with really unimpressive leads, if the story was small then it wouldn't matter that much but when there's so much cutscenes and dialogue the problem gets bigger, BOTW offered real exploration and charm, and because of how much wacky stuff here is there easily could have been WAY TOO MANY markers, you think markers in Horizon and Ghost exist for the story? They exist for the collectibles and fruitless side missions, if BOTW wanted to pamper us with markers that was the game for it but no, Zelda gave us minimal guidance, which worked so well in it's favor, Zelda's story is simple and uninspiring but really that's not what the game is about which is proven by how little cutscenes and dialogue there is, instead it makes you care for random stuff because it is fun to play!

557d ago
specialguest557d ago

Completely agree with the article

Olly_S557d ago

Thank you. I’m genuinely excited to see what other games this style of open world design inspires

Viljong554d ago

Lol elden ring empty dead open world nothing going on. Recycled content, recycled enemies, recycled animations, bosses are just reskinned. There is nothkng revolutionary going on just a souls game with a horse. Technically bad game. Art style is beatiful. Niche game reviewed by hc souls fans. User score of about 7.5 is accurate. 10/10 100/100 rewiews have no creditbility everyone who plays the game know it.

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shinoff218335d ago

That's why I don't mess with PC gaming for the most part. When I game I'm relaxing. Hard to do that with a keyboard and mouse. That's just my thought on it.

I'm still hoping bethesada adds real controller support to the og fallout or re release them on xbox like what was done with wasteland 1

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Shiore2u34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What exactly is so hard about using a keyboard and mouse compared to a controller when subjectively relaxing? Do you game upside down on a crossbar?

Daeloki33d ago

At least in my opinion, with a controller I can lay back comfortably in my couch however I want. Keyboard + mouse would require a table and chair, and requires investing in ergonomics not to completely mess up my back (not saying the couch is good for my back either but achieving comfortability is easier). Again, emphasizing that I'm speaking out of opinion, and I agree with you that concepts of relaxing and which is better are both very subjective matters. All in all I don't think it's a particularly good article since it really boils down to personal preference.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

Next up:

Article on "Controllers that are best played with a game."/S

HellspawnPR198134d ago

Anything that is not a shooter or doesn't have a crosshair.

Minute Man 72127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

My old ass Xbox 360 Rock Candy controller still works fine today "For the Players"