Parent Play: Games The Whole Family Can Play Together on Xbox.

OXCGN: A nice new section that we will be exploring in 2009 is family gaming. As well as looking at the games we as parents can share with our children, we will also explore issues relating to online behaviour and how to navigate the increasingly adult-focused game world with our children.

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Cajun Chicken3688d ago

Oh...wait, thats not right...

gaminoz3688d ago

LOL...well I'd say it would be on a big kids and parents play together list! I'm sure my son would love to chainsaw me....

gaminoz3688d ago

What no Kung Fu Panda? My son loves that movie! (Don't know about the game...)

I'm glad that Carcassonne and Age of Booty (XBLA games) are there along with biggies like Rock Band and Banjo.

My kids and I really enjoy playing together, though my 5 year old hates losing any competitive games. Lego games are always good for co-op fun though.

I think more parents should try playing video games with their might lose some of the stigma it sometimes has with adults. That's where the Wii seems to be helping: even though it has few good games, it does give non-gaming parents a different view of gaming to GTA IV and the other games that get crucified in the media....

Steelspawn3688d ago

I think this is a great idea. It is all fine having the parents educated on what games are being released but having the parent sitting with the kids and sharing in what they find fun is just as good.

XboxOZ3603688d ago

Yep, plenty of 16 - 17yr olds who'd love to chainsaw their parents in half (joking btw) . . Ths list shows games for all ages within the "family" / My "kid" is 32, and we still love playing games together . .

Immortal Kaim3688d ago

mm.... MS are really trying to go for the 'family' demographic lately. There are quite a few good games amongst that list.

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