Rumor Killers: Need for Speed canned, Factor 5 cutting staff, and Home hacked

Need for Speed hits a roadblock, Factor 5 cutting staff and a Home invasion as we head into the holiday home stretch.

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cain1413864d ago

Home already hacked? Wow

DongHungLong3864d ago

People are doing stuff client side with a proxy. Nothing special and its getting blown way out of proportion.

A HiFi3864d ago

NFS under Criterion would be mental. =)

Anewgenreitself3864d ago

Whatever happened to that Rogue Squadron compilation Factor 5 was putting together? That'd probably sell enough copies to save the entire company...

italianbreadman3864d ago

I was never a fan of anything Factor 5 ever did.

Captain_Sony3864d ago

Oh well I have no pity for Factor 5..Thats what happens when you back the wrong console.

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The story is too old to be commented.