Interview: Picking and Preparing KOF XV Characters

Creative Director Eisuke Ogura spoke to Siliconera about KOF XV new and returning characters like Isla, Krohnen, and Terry.

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Knushwood Butt367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

A good read.

gangsta_red367d ago

Would love to see characters from Rage of the Dragons and KoF Maximum Impact in KoF

367d ago
asapas8367d ago

They need to add more characters. It's not normal that KOF XV has fewer characters than KOF XIV. Should definitely have MORE

Teflon02367d ago

That's not how it works.
They limit the release character amount because they need to try keep things as best balanced as possible while managing characters. They have a pretty high character count for release compared to others. Like Street Fighter titles generally start with low rosters for the simple reason of better balancing and more attention going into them. While bigger rosters like Smash Ultimate, MvC2 etc aren't balanced at all lol