Interview with Benjamin Anseaume and Artur Grzegorczyn, Producers For The House of the Dead: Remake

WTMG's Leo Faria:

"Long-time readers of this site may be aware of my die-hard love towards Sega and its IPs. One of my fondest childhood memories was wasting dozens upon dozens of coins on The House of the Dead arcade cabinets. It’s safe to say that they are my favorite arcade / rail shooters of all time, most particularly its sequel, released in 1999. How could I not love a perfect combination of B-movie schlock and high-octane action? I am sure most of you old-school gamers have played it at least once, and I’m dead certain some of you have even spent two coins at once in order to dual-wield both cabinet’s pistols like a badass.

When I found that the team behind the Panzer Dragoon remake was developing a remake of the first The House of the Dead game (the Saturn one very few people have actually played), I was stoked. One of my childhood franchises was being remade for the Switch! I could only think on the possibilities provided by the system’s gimmicks. I had the pleasure of talking to Artur Grzegorczyn and Benjamin Anseaume, respectively producer and co-producer behind the remake, and found out a bit more about the upcoming title."

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