Sierra Founders Making Colossal Cave Adventure Remake

After officially announcing their return to games last year, Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams are ready to show off their new project. Previously referred to as The Secret, it will be a “reimagining” of Colossal Cave Adventure — the seminal 1970’s text adventure game credited with inspiring Zork, Rogue, and other formative PC games, as well as for laying the groundwork for the PC role-playing genre as a whole.

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BlackIceJoe557d ago

Hopefully this will come to the consoles too, because old school adventure games like this are very rare these days and it would be cool to see what it plays like on the consoles.

XxINFERNUSxX557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

This is great, Ken and Roberta Williams are legends. MetalJesusRocks (who used to work at Sierra) has an interview with them: https://www.youtube.com/wat...


Colossal Cave Reimagined for VR, PC, and Mac This Year

The founders of Sierra Entertainment, Ken and Roberta Williams, have revealed Colossal Cave - Reimagined by Roberta Williams.

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