Microsoft's new OS Vista spurs computer sales

US sales of computers carrying Microsoft's new operating system Vista soared in the week after it was launched, defying the expectations of analysts who gave Vista lackluster reviews.

Personal computer sales for the week following Vista's debut to succeed Microsoft's Windows XP in January were 67 percent higher than those in the same week in 2006, and nearly triple those of the preceding week, according to Current Analysis Inc.

"I didn't expect to see such aggressive growth right off the line," Current Analysis research director Samir Bhavnani told AFP. "If you are Microsoft, you have to be pleased with these results."

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LilClaw5709d ago

That's because people were waiting to get the PC with Vista on it instead of the XP version of Windows. Then they don't have to pay more money to upgrade it. I'm doing the same thing. It's common sense.

DoctorJohnson5709d ago

but I'll stick with waiting for OS X Leopard's release. What can I say? I'm biased, Vista still doesnt hold a candle to OS X.

Dragonopolis5709d ago

I'm waiting to see the new OSX. I'm probably going to get a Mac anyway because I can dual boot windows and use all three operating systems in a VM. If Virtual Machine guys ever get 3D drivers to work then I'll be in Heaven. I'll use the Mac for my main OS, I'll use Windows strictly for gaming, and Linux for when I need to save a few bucks and the open source software isn't offered on OSX - all without having to dual boot. Heck, I may not even need freakn Linux since KDE4 will be offered for Windows and Mac. The only thing I ever really used a lot in Linux was K3b cd/dvd burning software and Open Office. Not feature rich but sure does the job it was ment to do really well and for free.

I don't like jumping the gun when buying hardware and my old computer should hold me at least a year. By then, I should be able to weigh my options. I hear the new PCI-E specs were adopted and will allow external support - meaning graphic cards will just plug in externally. This should provide some interesting configurations for PC gaming but I like the idea. Complete GPU packages with their own cooling and power supply. Yea, Yea, it might raise the cost a little but I believe it will be worth it both for the PC and the Graphic card.

I love Technology.......

zonetrooper55709d ago

I still like Windows over Mac tbh. I just think that Apple need to make a consumer based computer which is afforable for the average consumer, maybe then they can take over the computer market.

DoctorJohnson5708d ago

Its called the iMac and Mac mini... those are certainly average consumer products and are definitely affordable.

zonetrooper55708d ago

I have never heard of the iMac or Mac mini.