Computers are about to take a quantum leap into the future

Scientists claim to have a breakthrough that will revolutionise computing.

A Canadian company with substantial venture capital backing claims to have built a "quantum computer" that will ultimately solve problems beyond the power of conventional systems - and will demonstrate it over a live link next week.

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Marriot VP4894d ago

yah and I'm sure they'll be affordable, pssshhh

sounds cool but the protein "idea" like it says is really unstable. Just don't choose to not buy your next computer because of these guys.

MikeMichaels4893d ago 20 more years. *rolls eyes*

From the start of the second paragraph:

"While most scientists believe a useful system is at least 20 years away...."

neogeo4894d ago

I plan to synthesize protein in my basement on tuesdays. I have been waiting for this Pc for years!

DC RID3R4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

and theorized on a t.v documentary; panorama I think it was.
(nice find kevkev3!)

The professor demonstrating claims that once the tech is finalized the power tap is basically infinite!

pc's using quantum physics is total OWN4G3!!!!
Beam me up SCOTTY

Captain Tuttle4893d ago

Pretty cool. This is the kind of stuff our kids will be using. I think of this as a proto-prototype.

Genki4893d ago

for the future of the Cell processor...

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The story is too old to be commented.