GTAV and GTA Online PS5 Tempest 3D Audio

Hear the action in GTAV and GTA Online with pinpoint precision with Tempest 3D Audio, from the throttle of a stolen supercar to the roar of a jet overhead.

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Orchard326d ago

I honestly wish Sony would just support Atmos already. I don’t care about Tempest or headsets, and Dolby audio is a lot, lot better.

The fact I can’t properly utilize my Atmos system on my PS5 is lame. I even have to downgrade it to 5.1 to get any kind of decent sound out of the console.

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Viljong326d ago

Ps5 audio is lame compared to xbox. I have both and avr 7.1 ht surround. Xbox rock superior dolby atmos and sony want to sell toy headsets and not having proper support. With poor audio support and even worse hdmi 2.1 tv support playstation sure aint the hearth of home theather systems. So glad xbox nailed it.

Zeke68326d ago

What kind of reciever do you have? I have Sony STR-DN 1080 and it supports both 7.1 ATMOS Bluray/4K movies and 7.1 games (Returnal for instance) when connected to my PS5.
So I can say for sure you are exaggerating
The PS5 doesnt convert every game into ATMOS, but those movies/games that supports it is put out in true ATMOS through any decent homecinema reciever....
ATMOS in itself is quite overexaggerated tbh. Unless you have something like an Denon reciever for 1700€ that very few gamers seem to have at home (not counting the 11.1 or 13.1 speakersetup that would require) ;)

Orchard326d ago

I’m using an X series Denon. I can get it to work with 7.1 and 5.1 but I would say the 5.1 mix sounds better than the 7.1, for some reason 7.1 sounds terrible, with random audio coming out of the upfiring speakers. 5.1 doesn’t seem to exhibit the same issue.

I’ve only had that problem with PS5, but the only other non-Atmos device I have hooked up is a Switch and my PS4 has been relegated off the TV stand since I upgraded my sound system so… not much to compare to currently.

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Orchard326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Which part am I lying about? Obviously none of it.

Also, “ Tempest is UNQUESTIONABLY SUPERIOR for audio gaming”

Hard to say something is “unquestionably superior” when it doesn’t even support surround speaker setups properly.

I have a 7.1.4 system, the reason my post above says 7.1 is because it’s the maximum supported channel count on PS5, so my options on my console are use 5.1 or 7.1

“ When your connecting your PS5 to a receiver it is using whatever Dobly format you select”

Yes… whatever I select in the OS settings is what it will use, but the option to use Atmos is not present. So my statement stands true - I cannot utilize my Atmos setup.

Again you keep bringing Xbox into this - I don’t care what Xbox does, I game on PS5, so I’d like if my Atmos setup was properly supported.

Anyway, you seem pretty hung on Xbox for some reason and feel the need to keep bringing it into a conversation about PS, so I’m out, I don’t do rent free conversations lol.

Zeke68325d ago

Have you connected your Denon to the internet and updated your recievers firmware?
Just asking as the PS5 have superior sound built in.
It seem you have your Denon setup wrong in some way. Your recievier should automatically switch to best soundsource available, and the 7.1 should certainly sound better than the 5.1 mix.
Maybe try factory resetting it and start over? Something ain't right about your setup if 7.1 sounds worse.
Or.. Denon have messed up and ain't fully compatible with the PS5? I have no clue, but this sounds strange,assuming you aren't trolling us or something (i hope not)
But begin with the latest firmware and take it from there, only suggestion I can give at the moment. 😎🤘

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MIDGETonSTILTS17326d ago

Doesn’t Tempest support hundreds of audio layers, and Atmos supports like 30-50?

And don’t you need to pay for Atmos, and then find a compatible headset (which are often expensive), but Tempest works with ANY tv or headphones?

And Tempest sounds GREAT. I haven’t tested Atmos myself, but I looked into it and saw alotta barriers. Considering how much better Tempest sounds than PS4 audio, I’m okay with not chasing Atmos.

I’ve even heard Atmos is overrated by comparison anyways.

Orchard326d ago

The audio source limit was a mistake by Cerny. Dolby came out immediately and corrected him:

You pay a one time fee of about $10-$15 I think, for headsets only. It’s free if you have speakers or a receiver, soundbar etc.

I don’t game with a headset but if I did, I’d probably be willing to pay $10-15 for a license, heck we pay $10 extra for next gen games for no reason or for minor upgrades to last gen games.

Having tested both, Atmos sounds a LOT better than Tempest.

I’m not saying they should drop Tempest, but the reality is most consumers who are buying sound systems are going to go with the industry standard one that works on their other devices too, not one that is specific to PS5 (and actually has no speaker system to go along with it).

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Christopher326d ago

***Dolby audio is a lot, lot better.***

Hard pass on that unless you're talking music and movies. And PS5 supports Dolby at both 5.1 and 7.1 for music and movies. But, as a person who uses Dolby (Astro a50) on PC and Tempest on PS5, Tempest wins for gaming. The 3D audio is really really good.

Orchard326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I don’t game much with a headset and haven’t tried Atmos on a headset so can’t talk to that much.

But for a speaker system, Atmos is a lot better.

I’m not saying drop tempest though - I’m saying add support for it, in addition to tempest.

porkChop325d ago

I've never used Tempest so I can't speak to that. I'm sure it's probably good. But not all Dolby is the same. I used to use Astros. Their built-in Dolby is garbage and has terrible audio positioning. I left it off. I'd use profiles from ZaliaS, paired with Atmos through the official app. Once I configured it the surround was incredible. So I'd suggest trying the Atmos 30-day trial and compare that to what's built into your headsets mixer.

Christopher325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

@porkChop Astro A50 uses Atmos 3D audio with the base (which I have and paid for). So, thank you, already use it. Tempest is better for gaming.

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z2g326d ago

“… and also the Xbox versions has 3d audio too!”

XxINFERNUSxX326d ago

3D audio is also available on the PC to. Especially with Sound Blaster AE line of cards. 😊

Silly gameAr326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Well, to be realistic, everything works on PC if you have the right hardware and money to support your set up. A console is just a console. There's no line of cards you can get to add anything you want on a PS5.

LordoftheCritics325d ago

Atmos is incredible on atmos supported setups.