Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Full details on the differences that can be found in this Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S comparison of the multiple options from a visual or tech analysis angle. This includes a two way split of options from the game.

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SirBruce625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

Series S could do far better... I think. This game makes Xbox One X seem more next gen than Series S.

DeusFever625d ago

That’s because Series X is more next gen than Series S. If you don’t have $500 for next gen, buy the $400 PS5 digital. if you don’t have $400 for next gen, keep saving. Don’t settle for less.

SonyStyled624d ago

He’s mentioning the One X, not the Series X

AJM624d ago

Not true totally. Watch Dogs Legions is the perfect example what the series S is capable of with regards to new Gen gaming. The X/S edition is beautiful on the Series S, vs a 13yr øld GTAV.

XbladeTeddy624d ago

Series X is next gen, Series S is simply an upgrade from last gen.

AJM624d ago

Watch Dogs Legions looks fantastic on the Series S, hence I agree that RS was lazy or incapable of making Gtav look better on the Series S.

rob-GP625d ago

I'm sorry but as soon as he says the RT mode is a very slight difference to the Performance mode, I stopped watching. The guy should go watch the DF video about it - the RT Shadows are a massive improvement over the ones seen in both the Fidelity and Performance mode, especially those seen on the Series S.

isarai624d ago

Literally the only difference is shadows soften as they get further from an object casting them, really doesn't drastically change anything, and honestly i don't really like ray traced shadows for how much it sacrifices it really is the definition of diminishing returns. Would have much rather gotten ray traced reflections of global illumination. Global illumination especially seems like the biggest difference when it comes to ray tracing in my opinion.

AJM624d ago

At 50% discount sale, buying GTAV for the 3rd time on 3 generations of consoles is so worth it. In fact that's the price that should remain, paying double the discount price after the sale expired is not worth it, especially if u already bought it twice before lol.


GTA 6’s biggest competition? GTA 5 with mods

GTA 6 looks like it's just over the horizon, and it looks like there's going to be only one game that can compete with it - GTA 5 with mods.

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Mr_cheese18d ago

It's really not.. before long GTA6 will be modded just as much, if not better with what ever tech they bring

Tal16918d ago

Yeah fair point, although GTA V mods really are stunning... very unlikely the base game will come close to some of the most powerful ones out there IMO

PapaBop18d ago

GTA 5 still holds up so well today especially with mods but I imagine many like myself are ready to see what GTA 6 can bring to the table.

GhostScholar18d ago

There’s not a franchise that I’ve grown tired of more than gta. I couldn’t care less about gta 6. Especially if it has multiple protagonists.

Magog18d ago

Nah. Most people don't play GTA on PC


GTA V Soon to Get DLSS 3 Mod, Improving AA and Doubling FPS

Modder PureDark showed a video demonstration of his work-in-progress GTA V DLSS 3 mod, which improves antialiasing and doubles FPS.

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Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 190 Million Units Ahead of GTA6 Reveal; RDR2 at 57 Million Units

Take-Two announced its financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year alongside an update on sales for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more.

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Snookies1226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'm really glad I only made it to chapter 2 in RDR 2 back on PS4 at launch. Being able to go through it on PC now when it looks so much better. It's almost like a whole new game to me. I know a lot of people were complaining that it was slow. But I love it because of that. It really goes a long way with immersion. The only thing I dislike is the forced walking at camp and slower speeds on horseback when in towns.

eagle2126d ago

GTA V will easily hit 200 million+ sold before GTA VI launches.

Games1st26d ago

What a difference didn't know it was that popular.

Mr_cheese26d ago

The numbers are crazy, the money they make is crazy.

What's even crazier is the time is takes between games and the lack of variety in IP. Bring back Bully, bring back manhunt the warriors and all of that passion that built Rockstar.

scorpio_204925d ago

GTA V wrecked any future games that don’t have microtransactions.

Mr_cheese25d ago

Holding on to hope that one day Bully 2 will release and when it does, I won't have aged too much to not enjoy it