Capcom Didn't Want Lost Planet, Dead Rising at First

Despite how well received both Dead Rising and Lost Planet have been, turns out Capcom wasn't exactly sold on the games when they first came to the table. Longtime Capcom designer Kenji Inafune -- yes, the same guy who came up with Mega Man -- has evolved into more of a producer these days and was responsible for selling Capcom management on both games. They didn't bite, he says during an incredibly candid interview with Capcom community mogul Brian Dunn...

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TOM4902d ago

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4902d ago

I'd say it turned out pretty good for Capcom.

MissAubrey4902d ago

Thanks to Kenji and Capcom for two awesome games.

2tired2day2hate4902d ago

he said this a few months ago that capcom didnt want both games and he started making them anyway. thank god he did

Dusk4902d ago

Both games, while not perfect, turned out great IMO. Two really worthy additions to my game library, and a lot of money for Capcom. Win, win.

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