ATI's R600 infos

VR-zone got some new infos about ATI's next generation graphics card.

2 SKU's will be released first : XT and XTX

XTX versions will feature 1GB DDR4 memories on board and will be 12.4 and 9.5" long depending on the version.

Those little babies will suck an amazing 270W for 12" version and 240W for 9.5" version.

As for R600XT, it will have 512MB of GDDR3 memories onboard, will be 9.5" long and consumes 240W of power.

A cheaper R600XL version will be released later.

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Antan4905d ago

Theres also another version with water cooling. Christ is this thing gonna move!!!

Check this figure out!

"140.8 GB/s of bandwidth, beating 8800GTX by almost 55GB/s or a massive 39 per cent".

DC RID3R4905d ago

that the r600 will literally BLOW teh 8800's out the fu*kin water!

No remorse, just kill it DEAD!!!

Torch4905d ago

We start to see ATI's response to NVidia's crown jewel.

...Now let's see some DirectX 10 magic at work!

specialguest4905d ago

I was planning to buy the 8800 GTX and then this monster comes out. This is the thing about PCs; just when you think you got the best, something better comes out. ahh!

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The story is too old to be commented.