Home to continue on to future PlayStation consoles

With the PlayStation 3 entering its third year on the market, a good question to put forward regarding Home is whether or not Sony plans to continue the new service into future platforms.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Home service manager Dan Hill answers that question, stating that Home's potential is almost limitless and Sony sees it having a very long life.

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Daz4419d ago

home is not that great in my opinion. But others may love it.


where you come from


where you come from


how old are you. and goes on :P

People stalk girls (its like they cant get one in real life). i fill sorry for them. some guy asked girl if she was a virgin. lol

Ichiryoka4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

Well you had like two minutes of fun in home with that virgin thing, and its a good thing because its not like you have to log on everyday, its good to know that its there if you want it. I haven't been in home yet myself, but i'm always thinking to myself that I cant wait to try it out. My wife even wants to try it out. I believe home is good, and maybe even great to some. I also believe it will get better. They can pretty much add whatever they like into home. Could you imagine a theme park with go carts or laser tag. PAINT BALL. HMMM

Pixel_Addict4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

What you just discribed is what 100% of ALL internet based social networks are basicly about. So your argument is really against the broad existance of social networks like; AOL, MSN/Yahoo Messanger, XBL, and so on. Do you know what the difference is? The ability to take that same networking interaction and place a moving interactive avatar. I think you and others are simply making a case against Home that is not there, it was never ment to be a video game and you know it. If its boring then that is the fault of the whole idea of online social networking, not Home itself.

Also, Home is still in beta form. It has been said time and time again that many more features are going to be added later. There is no reason to complain about a free service. If you don't like it, stop using it or get over it.

Daz4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

social networking is ment to be fun and home is not a fun way do do it after 10 mins.
also who in ther right mind thinks home a social network ment to be a game?

The bowling part is the best part in home but its only so much you can do before i get boared.

I like meeting people in game while im enjoying myself.

But home is what you make i hate it and you like it much more then me.

BUt there is still more to come from home. hopefully bumper cars then i be on there alot :P.

Citizen Cook4419d ago

Cause you droids are all going to be looking for another place to live... Xbox LIVE!

Max Power4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )


Information Minister4419d ago

How come you only have 1 bubble? *sigh* The world is such an unfair place!


Hellsvacancy4419d ago

I havnt used it that much, ive played chess, bowling and pool but i guess the novelty wore off after an hour - Sony should of made Home more like Manhunt then it would of interested me more buy hay im just 1 person outta millions that Sony needs to please

Heres lookin to the future of Home

SL1M DADDY4419d ago

Too many folks here take away from Home, all of the negative aspects that actually are not a part of Home. The idiots that run around and try to ruin the experience are not Home, they are just users getting their rocks off in Home trying hard to be douche bags.

I for one have met several cool folks in Home and have played tons of the games and can say that I am warming up to the idea quite well. It's fun if you make it fun and to be honest, you don't have to go far or try hard to make it all that much fun.

For people to bash it is silly when in essence, all you are bashing is your ability to take time and explore Home for what it really is. An inability to see it for what it is hampers many from seeing what Home is all about - A social network. In the end, ask not what Home can do for you but what you can do for Home.

nix4419d ago

i totally agree... i've made many friends while playing bowling. it's natural. we are humans... we talk and then we make friends. after a couple of round of games, one just adds another as a friend because he/she had a great time.

yeah.. don't expect to be added as friends while dancing foolishly around. lol.

Daz4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

i have talked to people but it just gets boring after a while. needs more to do.

Its just not fun after 10 mins :P but there still loads to come from it.

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Pizzagaki4419d ago

Pizzagaki demands HARDCORE!
Or Pizzagaki will never install home on his ps3.

hay4419d ago

Chess are hardcore if you can play it and have a good opponent.

paul-p19884419d ago

what happened to cookiegaki??? i didnt check this site for 3days and now he is gone haha

AngryHippo4419d ago

..frustration actions, especially the one where you give them a little kick. Made me chuckle, great to use when you have a lot of horny european male avatars trying to prey on my female avatar.

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